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So I wasn't sure at first if I wanted to journal these pretty ladies or not. I was pretty busy there at the beginning. But they are my two favorite autoflowers EVER, and I will probably never grow them at the same time again. I dont have the seeds to waste them both at the same time. I want to savor them. This grow is to help me decide which one of these I like the best.
Will it be Sour Crinkle, one of the fastest to sell out ever that I've seen on the Mephisto website?
Or will it be Sour Stomper, one of the most popular strains Mephisto has ever created?
Let's Find out!

Newborn photos

so here we have one of each of some true mephisto treasures :
Sour Crinkle & Sour Stomper.
They are tiny in these photos. Only just up. They are each in a 5 gal pot, and came up the same day. They will be getting the same food on the same days (as long as they are both hungry) and i will post my feed guidelines on a single page for easy copy.
As of this photo they havent had much but a calmag/trinity/recharge feed to give them a nice boost.
Im not sure which is which. They are too young. Ive got the pots labeled though.

Day 15

i almost couldn't believe these were the same plants when i went to take photos. They've gotten so big so fast! And they've barely gotten any feed yet, lol! They are on about the same stage as the bulletproof journals ive got going (2wk mark) and they are on the same schedule right now for feed. My autos usually get the same as my photos get flood the 1st 30ish days. After that, they sec and it's on like King Kong, and they need more along the bloom side of things.
Right now they're getting Sensi Grow @2/3-3/4 strength, e/o feed. Once a week they get B-52 added to the Sensi, and once a week Protekt silica, at different feeds. On off days they get calmag + h2o, and every 10 days i add recharge, microbes, and Planet Earth compost tea.
Here is why im so excited, and why i finally started this journal. I gotta share:
Sour Crinkle

Sour Stomper


Day 28


(Sour crinkle)

(Sour stomper)

So these lovely ladies are just exploding with growth. The Stomper seems to be a hair faster than the crinkle, but they still have a long way to go so its really hard to tell. You certainly can tell them apart much easier now. Classic structure to both of them. I could hold up photos of the same strains grown years ago and you could barely tell them apart. What i love about mephisto. SO- on to the interestjng part=
The photos were taken @ day 25. Ive been vert busy with a slew of babies, and veggie babies too, so its taken me a bit to get this out. But they are at day 28-30 now. Still getting their Sensi Grow regimen, @ 2/3-3/4 strength, with Protekt and Foliage Pro. Their non-sensi days are h20 and calmag. Im going to try and keep them on the grow cycle as long as possible, to get that bulk in.



Theyve started to show their first signs of flowering, little pre-flower hairs all over. Ive given them a good defoliation and have done some light training, especially with the crinkle. The stomper wants to go straight up in the air, like always. The skewers in the photos have been replaced with 2ft poles and shes been opened up a bit more, and is responding very well.
Right now they are under my brand new Vipar VB2000 board. Its like having a small sun in the room, for real. VERY intense, high-grade lighting.
(Crinkle below)


(Sour stomper below)


As always the 1st pg of my journal is dedicated to a feed schedule. It is intended as a guideline only, an idea of how i feed each plant. If you have any questions about feed please refer to that before you post your question. Of course each will be a bit different, and i wont always be able to put every tiny detail in, so i welcome friendly questions always


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