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heya peeps, thanks for stopping by!
lets get right to the good stuff and do some introductions.

this round is 4 plants and all are in the same pots, medium, and will be on the same basic nute routine. lets knock out the boring deets!

  • strain- mephisto genetics mango smile
  • medium and container- 2gal rootbuilder pots with recycled coco loco
  • lights-combo of cobs and qb's between 2 tents. will start under approx 75w and finish under approx 310w
  • grow space- will start in 2x4x6 tent and possibly finish in 4x4x6 tent
  • nutes/additives- megacrop, calmag, and roots organic teas + recharge
  • filtration- small fan for circulation in 1st tent, full fan/filtration kit in 2nd tent
once the plant has hit 2 weeks we will begin some light training, increasing it as the plant gets stronger. some defol as well is planned.
thas about it for this 1st entry here, just wanted to introduce everybody to mango smile! check in for weekly updates, theyll be pushed out as pages for this entry!
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