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Morning Surprise

10/20 - struggling to keep humidity up for the seedlings. During light hours I'm running the light at 28"/50%, exhaust fan on low, circulating floor fan on medium and the humidifier on max. Going through a gallon of water in the humidifier and this isn't sustainable. Kept the DG & CDLC under a dome, but read that once in the seedling stage, the dome should be removed. So pulled the dome off these two and left it on the AA - still hoping it will pop. Read that a bucket with a rag (to wick?), in front of a fan, will help.

Decided to turn the exhaust fan off and see what the temperatures do. Prior to turning the exhaust fan off, the tent maintained 75F and about 54% RH. With the exhaust fan off, the temperatures went to 79F but the RH also increased to 75%.

10/21 - checked on the seedlings this morning and was pleasantly surprised to see that the AA seed had popped - all three are on their journey now. Very relieved to see the last seed pop. Tent environment looked great 78F and 73%RH, with the humidifier reservoir only down a bout 1/4. Pink milk crate is DG, green is CDLC and blue is AA.

Question - do you use a VPD chart at this stage? Can't really get a leaf temp. Thanks and advice/comments are welcomed!


Hello! Take me input lightly, as I have only been growing for a little over a year… The temperature in my tent ranges from 66-79 degrees Fahrenheit. They usually hover around 75-77 during lights on. Humidity is usually around 55%-59% and I just chuck the seeds in the pot with all germinating with the exception of my “experiments”. My opinion is to run the humidifier on low, and keep everything else the same. Try not to stress the numbers too much and let it roll. But that’s just me!

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