mrs bitb is cooking something up in the kitchen

wassup peeps?

so i may get in trouble with the missus if she ever finds out im pimping out her tent to ya'll, so lets keep this our little secret!
the wifey has slowly been embracing the home grow, it really started a few plants back. actually, lemme back it up a bit....
so she says yes to me starting up a small tent to try and grow my own, this was around april. so i do, and to various degrees of success she watches me grow weed.
now im not growing monsters but ive got a perpetual grow going now and we are chopping and dropping every month, thats a win in my book any way ya look at it.
so anyways, about 5-6 plants ago i had dropped a sour crack and a grapey walter from mephisto genetics, and then there was a terrible vicious cat attack and both s.c. and g.w. were mauled, im talking both plants had about 5 fans left between em, mauled.
i had basically given up on em and shoved em in a small tent and put em off to the side of the big tent. didnt care that they were gonna die, just over em. well one day im going to clean that small tent out and put it up when i notice both plants have started to grow again, soils damp like its been wetted.
i asked the wifey and she said she felt bad for the babies so she was trying to keep em alive for me lol. i luv this woman so hard lol, its not even funny.
so we move both of the mauled plants into the big tent and she starts feeding em when im feeding my plants, she even chopped and trimmed em when they finished up.
so its been about 5 plants now that shes been overseeing the care of, and shes got some danky goodness going, double grape and deez nugs from mephisto, and a beautiful freaky deaky purple lemonade from fast buds.
her plants are on the same regimen mine are, nftg 1 shot amended coco loco for water only feeds with the occasional recharge shots. the wifey actually inspired this run, she said is there an easy way to grow weed and i said yep, sure is lol.
and here we are, shes finishing up a couple plants, and shes getting excited to do her 1st full grow on her own. shes picked her 1st strain and as soon as deez nugs and double grape are finished shes gonna do her 1st drop.

all that is to say, i wanna brag on her a bit so im going to post up pics of her plants in here randomly. ive tried to get her to create her own account and get involved but shes too shy for that noise lol. thats cool tho, i got my boo.

check back for updates, feel free to drop her a line, etc. thanks and catch ya later!

Plants in order should be purple lemonade from fastbuds, deez nugs and double grape from mephisto genetics
Edited-last pic is whole tent view



That's awesome you got her growing, good for her! Shes got the bug :vibe:
Any pictures of the mauled plants?
Oh man, so sour crack ended up 6 grams of stupid fire, and grapey walter was about 14 grams of some meh.
Sour crack was good enough even with that small sample, it made the list of strains id grow a 2nd time. Now if only i can find more of the seeds mhuahuahuahua
purple lemonade has started showing a touch of purple in the budlets, unless it lightens up considerably tho its not gonna be a bright shade at all, looks potentially kinda dark blue/black.
course it could just be my terrible eyes and overactive imagination lol

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