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Not totally new but pretty much

So I am starting a 3rd page in here so that I can keep track of all my little ladies inside 1 place! Easier for a stoner to keep track that way! So these are technically at days 61/69 but only went in 6 weeks after my 1st 2 seeds ever. I can easily say that unlike my other 2 gelato that I started with these definitely just look much happier to me. On the first 2 I was steadily checking the ph/ppm and since nectar for the gods nutrients say soil should be between 300-500ppm I was always upping the nutrients to try to reach that # (which until 2 weeks ago neither ever had) but I’m thinking (with my limited knowledge) that I never got to that ppm since I use living soil that’s charged with extra EM1 for microbes and fed either Bigfoot til recently when it ran out and got recharge instead! I think in a normal plain soil the # would climb as excess nutrients built up but thinking since it’s organic that my soil was breaking down the rest so ppm stayed low til it’s eating slowed before chop chop! Just my guess and I’ll quit rambling for now and get on with it!
1st up/ Sweet Seeds Cream Caramel /Day 69
image.jpg Front side
image.jpg Up too
image.jpg Coming along n gonna be frosty
Next is #3 FastBuds Gelato/ Day 61
image.jpg Front side
image.jpg Up top n opened nicely I think
image.jpg And just starting but coming along! These 2 compared to 1st look much happier cuz by this point 1st were burnt all up with what looked like N burn to me even tho nectar says it’s had to but ! As long as it stays healthy I’ll be happy! Til next time keep those doobies burning!
:pass: qqq since I’m a lefty!
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Hi @TxRebel
I’m only on my second grow myself, and today marks day 61 for my ladies. I was comparing mine to the pics of your fastbuds gelato above and yours seem quite far behind mine in terms of bud development. My ladies are expected to take around 80 days from seed to harvest, what is the predicted timescale of your gelato? Are they photos (mine are autos)?

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