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This will serve as my technical grow record for my winter grow in living soil, and is in addition to the standard thread on this grow. Unless noted otherwise, more detail will appear in the standard thread than appears here.

The soil recipe, with thanks to @pop22 for inspiration and the approximate recipe idea:

2021 soil.jpg

I have changed Pop's most recent recipe, so problems are on me, not Pop. After initially overwatering the mix, it will have been cooking with normal moisture for close to 2 months by the time I plant in it. A mild gnat problem was treated with BTi watering plus stickies.

I started with the Bugbee peat mix instead of a prepared organic mix in order to better know what is in the mix. I also stuck with ingredients easily available to me either locally or online. The idea, and the hope, is that in ~30 liter fabric pots irrigated by autovalve(s) this stuff will finish a grow with water only.

As of 17 October, the Mephisto 24 Carat and Mephisto Fugue State pollen plants are head's up ~3 days after the initial soak. The two boys-to-be on Day 1:


These will go into SS#4 once the tap roots emerge, and will get MCII for nutes from the get go. They will stay in small pots under 24/7 light to speed them up relative to the mothers in the main growdrobe. Watering will include BTi until plants are well established just in case a gnat or two migrated...
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