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Organic Mary Jane featuring Fastbuds, Seedstockers, SSSC, Female Seeds and biotabs

Equipment list as follows
  • 1x1x2m grow tent. I also have a closet that measures 50x90x170cm.
  • Both are lit using hps and both have extractor fans and filters. I don't remember the specs! A tower fan and several clip on fans are used for circulation.
  • 50/50 Coco and Perlite with 2in perlite at bottom of autopots
  • 15l autopot and 12l air pruner fabric pots (unless specified otherwise)
  • Full biotabs line- Starter kit, Silicium Flash, Boom boom spray, Bio PK 5-8
  • Seeds popped in pure coco watered with worm cast tea
  • Plants watered with plain tap water left for 24hrs minimum. No pH check
All will be using the full biotabs range. They will remain in the cups for 7-10 days or until i can see the roots at the bottom. I will water with diluted worm cast tea. They were watered today and are under a humidity dome so should not need any more water. That's the reason they start their lives in little cups as I tend to overwater and stunt them otherwise. This way is more hands off for me. I don't have to look at them for a couple days and by the time I do, they are ready to move into their forever home and more able to withstand my watering! Actually, that is where the autopots come into their own! When I put them into the autopots at 7-10 days, I don't water for another 7-10 days. By that time it's usually time to turn on the reservoir! But more on that later!

Germination pics of Fastbuds Orange sherbet (red flag), OG Amnesia haze (green spike) and Wedding Cheesecake (green and yellow stripe). The orange sherbet will be my battle plant and is going in an autopot. The others will be in 12l fabric pots.

Germination pic of SSSC Pineapple Poison (yellow flag) and lava freeze (silver flag). Both will be in autopots.

Germination pic of Seed stockers cookies and cream (black flag) and gelato 41 (blue flag). Cookies and cream will be in autopot and Gelato 41 will be in fabric pot.

Germination pic of Female Seeds Mimosa Champagne (pink straw because we drink champagne with pink straws!)

See you all next update when all will be in their final homes!


All babies have popped their heads up this morning! :yay: Wedding cheesecake and Lava freeze popped up yesterday. Wedding cheesecake is doing well so far and has her first true set of leaves coming out already. Lava freeze is a little slower as she still had her seed case on this morning. Performed a hat removing procedure on Lava freeze and Orange Sherbet so hopefully they revive well. The other seeds (with the exception of Mimosa champagne which was planted 2days later) have their seed leaves out catching the sun!

Also received dispatch confirmation of my 420 sale biotabs order. I ordered the Silicium Flash amongst some other bits so will be using the "water only" method. Which is even more perfect for my lazy af style of growing!

I'm excited to see how biotabs do on my scotch bonnet and Carolina reaper this season! I've only ever used chilli focus in the past and got amazing results, so let's see how much more yummy my hot sauce tastes organic this year! I may even put tabs in my chard pots to see if I can get bigger leaves that way too!
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Annnnddddd we're off! Officially! Here's a pic of the nursery which is sited on my windowsill! The longer summer hours and mild weather means that my windowsill has been the perfect place for gemination.


Unlike the Fastbuds Orange Sherbet, the SSSC Lava Freeze did not recover from the seed shell removal. It dried up later that day so I put another one in coco. Lava Freeze spent a whole day with the shell stuck on as I gave it the opportunity to correct itself. Had I removed it when first spotted, I feel that it would have survived. The new Lava Freeze is in the cup with the bottle on top, today is it's day 1.

The Mimosa champagne (Pink Straw) is 3 days old today, the others are 4 days old. They are the cutest little babies and are growing well. Today is the first day that I have removed the humidity dome, and they've done fine in the ambient room temps. They all received their first feed except for LF who is still way too young. I'll pot up at the weekend into their final homes.
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