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Virginia / Indoor Unfinished Basement

Set Up
48"x48"x80" Tent
SF-4000 (initially purchased SF-1000 and changed suspecting it would be insufficient)
6" Exhaust Fan w/ Felt Covered Charcoal Filter (ducted to exhaust top / passive intake)
1-Gallon Reservoir Humidifier
Oscillating Tower Fan
Honeywell Ceramic Heater
Large Dehumidifier (on hand)
(2) 6" Table Fans
(3) 7-Gallon Fabric Pots

Mix of FFOF and Perlite (1:3) Bottom Half
Mix of FFOF/HF and Perlite (1:3) Top Half
Center (about 1 pint) is Jiffy Seed Starting Mix (peat moss/coco coir/vermiculite)
Added (4Tbs dry) Mykos Mycorrhizal

FF Big Bloom (anticipating to use after 30 +/- 10 days - flowering)

Mephisto Genetics - Double Grape / Creme De La Chem / Auto Amnesia (freebie)

Germination Method
Mephisto Genetics Paper/DVD Case
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