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PPP Teenage Wedding Auto

Popped on 07/20/2020

Cross of High School Sweetheart x Wedding Cake!


07/30/2020 10 days old...

this lady is being grown in my own mix of supersoil and is being fed LABS and Photosynthesis Plus. In a few days I will also give her some fish hydroslate, but just a little, I usually just let them grow but I think the slight increase in bioavailability of nitrogen may help her really take off. We will see!


Day 13, chugging along. I fed her some fish hydroslate, photo plus and labs yesterday. Her node spacing is pretty tight as of now, hoping to see her really push and grow some nice branches soon. Debating on bending her with some heavy lst, my think different auto really took to it. Some decisions to be made soon!
The vine are some hops I got from Virginia/Nevada city in Montana...purportedly they are from 1800!!!


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