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Progress :)

Hey AFN fam,

Things are progressing well. No issues now with new soil. I think the Blueberry could be big. She is on Day 10. Healthy and green so far. Also got a FB Gorilla Glue on Day 5 praying also enjoying life under the Sunblasters. And with the smaller pots the first one showing is a Nova OG finally breaking surface today. :) With all these pots I think I'm gonna need a bigger light. And on that note, the Migro Aray 2 will be here tonight. :vibe:

Super geeked to be getting things on track. I stand firm auto seeds are an altogether different beast then photos. But just as fun. 3 more to pop and we will be all set. That is for now. :p
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Sweet. Pics would be good. Love this game!!
Good luck!
I have some in the Gallery of this blog entry but Ill start putting pics in the blog entry itself going forward. Me too. A few more ladies breaking ground. Always exciting. :)
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