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The seeds I thought were sowed on the 13th were actually not planted at all, totally my error in a stoner moment. :smoking:

I found both germinated seeds with long tap roots exposed still in their cotton pads to one side of the tent outside on the floor. God knows what I planted but it wasn't seeds.:shrug:

I had two of the same ready to go for today, as after not seeing any movement in the tent a reboot was required.

Two seeds were DEFINATELY sowed today at 4mm depth and domes added, temps 24.5-27C lights on 19-21C lights out. Humidity in the tent 55%, humidity inside the domes 68%. Lights on full power at 50cm hanging height on a 20-4 schedule.

Today is one of the better days for sowing above ground flowers following the Lunar planting guide, when the moon passes through Gemini on the waxing Gibbous.


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