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Seedsman Peyote Forum

Here we'll be running some Seedsman Peyote Forum (Peyote Purple x Forum cut Girl Scout Cookies).



  • 4'x4' tent
  • 2x mars to Cree cob conversions for mothers and an old Mars 2 Blurple for clones
  • DWC in 5 gallon buckets for our mothers
  • 2x4 table for seedlings/clones
  • 3'x2' Cement mixing tray
  • Humidity dome for clones/seedlings
  • Medium is rockwool to start, and expanded clay when we get in the buckets
  • 4" Inline fan and filter
  • 6" clip on fans


For mothers:

  • 3'x3' closet
  • MarsHydro TSW2000 ~320w
  • 5 gallon bucket DWC
  • 8" inline fan and filter
  • 6" clip on fans

For Clones:
  • Half of a 4'x8' tent
  • ~ 500w of Cree Cobs
  • Ebb n Flow
  • 3'x3' Flood trays on a 2"x4" frame
  • 27 gallon reservoir
  • Medium is expanded clay
  • 6" inline fan and filter
  • 6" clip on fans

Nutes will be General Hydroponics Flora Trio. May try out Mega Crop 1 part also.
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