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Sugar Mama outdoor


This plant was the first I ever harvested and I was really impressed with the results, it exceeded my expectations and convinced me that I can do this and bought myself a tent :)

Didn't know autos don't like being re-potted so started in a small container and re-potted 3 weeks later:

repotted week3.jpg

Not much to show, she was doing well and grew fast, started flowering on week 5:
week 5 start flower.jpg

To this point I still hadent' given any nutrients, but she looked like she actually needed some, so on week 9 I started feeding her and on week 10 she was 110cms. I couldn't stop staring at those buds
week10 bud.jpg

Week 13 she was getting 4ml/l of biobizz biobloom and 2ml/l of biobizz biogrow and was ready for harvest


Harvested and put in herbdryer, 5 days later, she was ready!
week 13 dryer.jpg
week 13 weight.jpg

AFN keeps telling me the message is too long and I need to shorten it :S WTF I've removed almost all content from this. This took way longer and have removed alot of stuff, turned out it was the image size I was uploading :S really AFN? 2020 and you can't resize images on upload? or handle original size?
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