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The Ganja Room

:weed:Salt's Ganja Room:weed:
"The Start of something incredible"

Foundation and Structure


Man I cant even describe how anxious I am to just dive into it and how impatient I've become. Making a special little room that takes time and effort though. Had the insulation company come out and spray foam the room, I hung some drywall and still need to make an appointment with a electrician to wire it all up.

Got everything mudded in and fixed up (still needs a second coat of mud) exterior walls are put on hold. Still waiting for a darn electrician... Oh almost forgot added a steel door and picked up a mini split. Things are moving slowly but surely. I'm going to be doing the floor in epoxy so feel free to suggest a design preferably a white base! this is unnecessary I know but why not make the floor cool? :stir:

Had a few set backs but luckily the ball is rolling again! Mounted the mini split and inline fan. Biggest pain was drilling a 4 inch hole through concrete blocks.

Walls are painted finally.


Laid down the first coat of epoxy for the floor (can u spot the bug stuck in it?):deadhorse:.
Pretty much cant do anything else until the electrician comes this weekend. Let the waiting game begin. Once he comes and wires it up I'm going to be hanging drywall in the drying/trimming room, washroom and storage section


Electrician came and got everything wired! Got excited and hung the lights up and set up the controllers. Tomorrow I’m going to be picking up the drywall for the rest of the outside of the room. Don’t mind the hanging cables still need to manage them.

Picked up some rock wool insulation for the whole basement which isn’t apart of the grow room but had to do that first because the limited room that the truck had.

10-27–2020, 10-29-2020
More and more drywall hanging! Finishing up the whole basement hence why the project has been drawn out longer then what it should of taken. Here is some pictures of the dry-room progress.


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