tools and tricks used in this round

heya peeps, how goes it?
this will be a working list of the items in this grow, and at some point i will begin to detail the methods, if not the madness, involved as well.

items directly used in this round--
*4×4×6 tent
*coco loco (took about 2.5 full bags to do 5x 5gal pots)
*nftg 1 shot amendment, and real growers recharge for nutes/additives
*5gal fab pots
*16 inch watering trays to set fab pots into
*misters for watering the seedlings
*1gal watering can
*1x 30" tower fan
*1x 4" extractor fan and carbon filter
*1 standard powerstrip
*1 powerstrip with built in 4 bay timer
*2x 65w autocobs
*1x 240w qb
*4-5 ratchet hanger clips
*3 thermostat/hygrometers
*soft garden twist ties for training the plants
*scissors and snips
*and of course seeds

items i have on hand in case of emergency--
*ph pen and strips for checking ph as necessary
*bloom booster tea from roots organic
*neem oil/fungicide/di earth for pests
*hydrogen peroxide for pests
*ph up and ph down if i need to adjust the ph of my feeds, not at all an issue this round but its good to have around in case

so im real sure ive forgotten probably a 1000 things, but this is what my particular growers toolbox looks like this round. feel free to add items or suggestions, always up to hear what others use and consider necessary!
dont forget to check back, ill be adding in pages talking about techniques i use, etc. lots of random thoughts and rambling im sure!


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