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Week 1

Germination, Day 0, 11/20/2021: Begin germination. Initially soaked seeds in tap water then moved to a damp, folded paper towel in a ziploc bag.
Germination, Day 1: No growth noted after 24 hours and I'm impatient, so I sanitized some nail clippers with 91% isopropanol (IPA) and shaved off the seed tip, then put them back in the damp towel and ziploc.
Germination, Day 2: Both seeds popped and were planted in NftG #4 with Real Growers Grow Dots long-release fertilizer and humidity domes. Lights set to 40%.
Germination, Day 3, 11/23/2021: Water reservoir was filled and pHed to 6.3 before opening the tap to fill the pots. Visually checked for leaks; none observed. Plants were named Beavis and Budhead by my friend/cheer squad. I wasn't able to find any signs of Beavis yet, but Budhead appears to have poked out of the soil!


Week 1, start


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