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Week 1

Day 0, 9/8/21: begin germination
Day 1: Seed 1 germinates
Day 2: Seed 2 germinates. Both planted in final pots using FoxFarm Ocean Forest (FFOF) with additional perlite mixed in. Seed 1 right, Seed 2 left. Topped with diatomaceous earth (DE).
Day 3: Lights started at 18/6. Temp gets too high on full; lights were initially set to 50% intensity until cooling is sorted out.
Day 4: Oscillating fan set up to help with temp and air circulation. Outlet timer that came with the lamp doesn't turn off according to its set schedule, so an older Brinks timer was repurposed from an old aquatic plant setup. Lights are hung too high; water reservoir needs to be moved for the lights to be lowered farther. Stems are going through some stretch right now.
Day 5: Lights brought up to 75% intensity to evaluate temp change and try to address stretch. Exhaust fan probe repositioned to improve controller accuracy. Added some dirt to prop up stems and topped with DE. Light cycle changed to 19/5.
Day 6, 9/14/21: Stems continue to reach a little too hard, but I don't think I can do anything more about it right now. Leaves look healthy, and both plants have another set of leaves coming through. Light cycle changed to 20/4.


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