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Week 3 of mixed variety indoor grow

End of week 3, the girls have recovered from all the overwatering and bad start to their life. The Kush's took it well, Sugar Mama still really suffering and the Fastberry is looking funny, not sure if that is because of my mess up or her genes.

I decided I wanted to play with 1 of the plants early and since the Candy Kush #1 was a bit slower than her sister, I decided to tie her up a bit on day 18 and have her as my experimentation plant, just pegged down the top so that the bottom branches get more lights and grow more. Seems to be working.

On day 20 I noticed that the leaves of the Bubble Kush and Candy Kush are really broad and covering the bottom branches, so I tucked them underneath to give more light to the branches.

No nutrients, just water. It has been a cold week outside but the temperature in the tent has been good. There is some calmag deficiency on both Candy Kushs (strong LED :D ) so I have ordered some biobizz calmag to add.

Did I mention how I impressed I am with the Bubble Kush? really nice strong plant.

At this point I am not sure if the Sugar Mama is waste of space and if she should meet the same fate as her sister last week. Will wait more and see how she develops


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