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Week 4 mixed variety indoor grow

Posting this update a couple weeks late:


Tent layout from top left clockwise:
Sugar Mama standing at 10cms day 28
Candy Kush #2 standing at 38cms day 28
Bubble Kush standing at 42cms day 24
Candy Kush #1 standing at 14cms day 28
Fastberry standing at 24cms day 24

All the girls showing good progress. The sugar mama has lots of catching up to, at least she is growing fine now. No idea about that fastberry and what it is doing.

I've pegged the Candy Kush #1 down some more and removed the leaves that are covering new grow or touching soil. Lots of branches coming up, albeit slow :)
defoliated candy kush day 28.jpg

Candy Kush #2 and the Bubble Kush are just a sight to behold, lots of branches and quite big for their age. The Bubble Kush is only 21 days from seed in that picture! Amazing! I've only been tucking the fan leaves to give more exposure to the new grow, seems to have been working well so far. I think I will need to train them this week, just a little LST bending the top cola down.

All 3 Kush's are big enough now to handle some nutrients so I've given them for the first time today 1ml/l of biogrow. The little ones will need to wait.

I've found some White Powder Mildew on my outdoor plants, so just in case I've sprayed these girls with Neem Oil, never liked the smell of it :( but I am going to be using it every week or so as a preventative measure.

The fastberry is finally starting to look like a normal plant. Still perplexed by the top bud growing sideways/downward.


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