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Week 5 - Balls!

I’ll start with Sour Stomper. As some may have noticed from the title of this post, there were balls. The second node had them at all 4 flower sites. Note them here:

I just plucked them off. This came up at the same point with the Double Grape as well, so this is a bit concerning.

Besides that, the plant is on flower overdrive.
This is the whole plant at 5 weeks:

Then a few days later, I noted some balls on the 3Bears OG. I didn’t get pictures because I was kinda triggered and plucked them off before even considering actions.

So this puts me at 3 for 3 in herming Mephisto genetics. I’m not hearing others talk about this in their Meph grows, so I assume it’s something about how I do things. Being that this is actually a few weeks in the past, I can say that no more besides the initial ones have showed up. In the Double Grape (that I grew in a previous grow) I’ve found no seeds and that sh!t is fire so I have no complaints. I’m assuming this will be the same.

3 Bears OG at 5 weeks:

Look at how close those nodes are! The buds are going to be tight.

In other news, the Super Lemon Haze is still stretching. I have now had to move the 3 Bears to a taller booster seat to try to keep up. The Sour Stomper is also on a booster to keep the light perfect.
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