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Week 5 of mixed variety indoor grow

Posting this a week late:

Really good start to week 5, they took well to the defoliation on the last day of week4. The girls are all showing pestels (yes, excepect the sugar mama) and going into flowering.

Noticed slight mag issue on a few of the plants and nitrogen issue on the candy kush. So giving them 1ml/l calmag and more biogrow currently at 2ml/L increasing to 3ml/L with next watering.

Some more defoliation here and there as I see big leaves shading lower buds.

I am turning the pots 90degrees everyday and moving them around the tent every week.

Water EC is .56 before adding nutrients and ph is 7.8. I added the nutrients + phdown which brough EC to 1.3 and ph to 6.1

Tent layout from top left clockwise:
Candy Kush #1 standing at 24cms day 35
Fastberry standing at 40cms day 31
Sugar Mama standing at 13cms day 35
Candy Kush #2 standing at 50cms day 35
Bubble Kush standing at 52cms day 31

the ladies eow5.jpg

I decided to defoliate the Sugar Mama a little and believe I've found the reason for the slowness, the roots seem to have come out in a funny way and the stem came out kind of at an angle, this must have happened when I was messing with the soil to add mycorrhizae. Couple of big fan leaves were covering everything underneath, so I've removed them and tucked some others down.

sugar mama buried stem.jpg

Sugar Mama day 35 after defoliation:
SM day 35 after defoliation.jpg

Candy Kush #1 is getting really bushy and needs some more LST/defoliation soon, here she is on day 35.
candy kush 1 day 35.jpg

Increased biogrow to 3ml and removed the yellow leaves from the plants.

Sprayed with neem oil, I just sprayed the plants top and bottom, they ended up dripping wet but kind of impossible to spray top and bottom without dripping.

Candy Kush 2 on day 35:

candy kush2 day 35.jpg

Bubble Kush on day 31:
bubble kush day 31.jpg
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