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Week 5

Day 29, 10/7/2021: Busy night tonight! Started off by checking the reservoir and seeing it needed to be refilled in a hurry. I added 4 gallons of water and dosed it with cal-mag and FoxFarm Tiger Bloom, both at half-strength. Like a dummy, I didn't check the analysis on them until after I was done pHing. :rolleyes: There's a lot of overlap between the two, but the Tiger Bloom doesn't contain calcium and the cal-mag doesn't contain the trace elements Tiger Bloom has. I'm going to see how this grow goes and whether the two together are too much for Seed 1/probably Forum Stomper. I calculated the dosing for each the following ferts: Big Bloom (worm castings), Tiger Bloom, and cal-mag. I added some more coffee grounds to the soil in both pots to bring down the pH in there a little and did some more pruning and training. They're getting so big!!!

Assuming 4 gallon fills (I don't do the whole tank at once) and dosing at half strength:

SupplementListed doseHalf strength for 4 gal (*2)
Big Bloom (worm castings)60 ml / gal every other feeding60 * 2 = 120 ml total, every other feeding
Tiger Bloom (Mg and trace elements)10-15 ml / gal every other feeding12.5 * 2 = 25 ml total, every other feeding
Cal-mag3-5 ml / gal every feeding4 * 2 = 8 ml total, every feeding

Day 30: I made some more judicious cuts to encourage bigger (but fewer) buds by removing leaves that were both shaded and damaged, tiny branches, and small terminal leaves. I put up one of the trellis nets, which stretched nicely around the reservoir, and began tying the branches that looked like they'd need the support or to get them more horizontal than they were.

I'm amazed at the "branches on branches" description of one of Mephisto's Forum Stomper phenotypes. It legit is branches on branches in some spots, with two growing conjoined and splitting off later. It's really compact and I worry that there won't be enough light/air circulation getting through to some of the more hidden nodes. I was originally going to leave everything to its natural course and see how things changed from a wild run (no ferts, no training, no defoliating) to a tended run, but I got really bored and impatient. 30 days in, another 45 or so to go... or as I hear it's pronounced, "Another two weeks." lol (Also, the plants would've run the dirt outta nutrients if I'd gone that route.)

Day 31: Seed 1 and Seed 2 faced my second attempt at defoliating tonight. (I'm gonna put it right out there and say that I am neither a brave nor bold gardener.) I mostly cut away stuff below the line of the net like leaves smaller than 3" wide, new branches that weren't reaching into the canopy, and small to medium damaged leaves. I left a few of the lower fan leaves, figuring that they'll either get enough light to support themselves as the plants stretch, or they won't. They can always be cut later. What do y'all do with the leaves you trim during defoliation?

Day 32: When I checked on the ladies earlier today, they looked like they were growing a little close to the light. I raised it up so that it's 2' above the top of the taller plant. Time to reach for the sky! Aside from that, it was just more of the regular maintenance. It looks like I'll have to add water to the bin sooner rather than later, and what more excuse do I need to do a little hardware shopping?

Day 33: A friend of mine called out the calcium and magnesium deficiencies my girls are experiencing last night as shown in the lightening of color/obvious yellowing between the veins of the leaves and the brown spots. You right, buddy, you right. Working on it! Just a quick tank refill, dosing, and clean up trim tonight.

Day 34: I trimmed a few small branches and damaged leaves, checked the water levels to make sure all was good, and did a thorough visual check. The damage from the cal-mag deficiencies is showing more clearly now as bright yellow patches inside the leaves. It's more noticeable on Seed 1, but if you look closely at Seed 2, you can see the lighter yellow-green color throughout the leaves and thin, darker green slivers interspersed.

Day 35, 10/13/2021: Week 5 wound down with a light duty maintenance day and a visual inspection. I moved the trellis net up to keep up with the canopy--I was gonna hang a second net, but the two nets only came with 6 hooks between 'em, lol! I found an old aquarium powerhead that I'm thinking about keeping in the water reservoir starting with the next run.

Week 5, start

Week 5, end



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