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Week 5

Week 5 is ending,

seemed to have sorted some of the nutrient issues I think I was having. Flushed both plants with 2.5l plain water (6.2 at source stuff). I had previously PHing their feed to around 6.4 but soon realised that for coco 5.5-6ish recommended.

watering has been upped to 2.5L, 3 times a week with all Biobizz nutes still following their feeding schedule. both of them have grow in height a lot this week! Runoff measuring about 6.4 ph still

starting to get a bit concerned about the high humidity in my tent- I have tried as much as I can. I have put a dehumidifier in there (must be a rubbish one because it takes about week to draw 1/2 a litre), I’ve put 2 of the little wardrobe dehumidifier things in there too. I leave a gap in the top of the tent door during the day to let air out. Still have not seen it go below 70%. I think my plants could do with a bit of defoliation which may also help with humidity, but don’t want to put the plants through the stress- for my first grow I wanted to keep it as simple as possible really.

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