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Week 6 of mixed variety indoor grow:

Finally caught up with all the weeks I missed, here they are at the time of writing:

ladies d39.jpg

From topleft, clockwise:
Candy Kush #1 d39 standing at 24 cms- Looking awesome, some pistils showing. Was too bushy so did some LST and slight defoliation today with supercrop on 1 branch.
Candy Kush #2 d39 standing at 65 cms - Looks like nitrogen deficiency is sorted, now I have excess? :D see the clawing tips? Gonna stick with the current feed, hopefully she'll overcome otherwise I'll flush her once if things get worse.
Bubble Kush d35 standing at 67 cms- Amazing, nothing to report, some tucking done
Fastberry d35 standing at 40 cms - Looking as weird as ever, some tucking done
Sugar Mama d39 standing at 17 cms - growing and getting really bushy, shame about the mess I did with the roots/stem but she is doing ok now. Getting really bushy but not really stretching yet.

Fed 2nd day of weeks 6 (day 37), 3ml biogrow 2ml calmag. pH was at 6.5 Ec was at 1.5.

New leaves are really yellow in candy Kush 2, iron deficiency? Not sure what is happening, will be monitoring.

Day 38, Removed the yellow leaves and a little defoliation on all the plants

Day 39, Raised the shorter plants so they get some more lights. All of them have finished 35 days (5 weeks from seedling today) and are looking great. Feeding is the same, although they still look very bright, brighter than I am used to. I'll up the biogrow next week and start with biobloom

And close ups of the plants:
Bubble Kush at 35 days is the biggest pretties plant I've had at that age, those lights are doing her good:
BK d35 top.jpg
BK d35.jpg

Candy Kush 1 day 39:
CK 1 d39.jpg
CK 1 d39 top.jpg

Candy Kush 2 day 39:

CK 2 d39.jpg
CK 2 d39 buds.jpg

Fastberry day 35:

fb d35 side.jpg
fb d 35.jpg

Sugar Mama day 39:
SM d39.jpg
SM d39 top.jpg

I'll post another group picture end of week6, thanks for reading, still learning and making mistakes, please do leave any feedback/comments/suggestions.
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All looking good so far! :headbang:

Nice, detailed log too! Will be pulling up a seat for the grow :cheers:

Good job sorting the nitrogen deficiency too, it can be tricky sometimes!

Keep up the good work!



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