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Week 6

Day 36, 10/14/2021: Filled another 4 gallons of water with cal-mag added. Increased cal-mag to 16 ml per 4 gallons (4 ml per gallon) because new growth still shows slight discoloration between the veins. Worked out a good system for measuring and transporting water using a garden cart, my aquarium Python filler, and an old Marineland powerhead with some tubing. I'm gonna use that powerhead as a circulator in the reservoir next grow and get a stronger pump to use for fills, but it'll be fine for now.

I gotta sit down with Seed 1/Forum Stomper and really give her a clean up tomorrow. Seed 2/Bearsquanch, in all her wild glory, is able to give her buds a much less obscured view of their sun. Well, we all get by with a little help from our friends.

Day 37: Treated both plants with some heavily diluted white vinegar solution (pH 5.0) to bring down the pH of the soil and help improve nutrient uptake. I'm halfway to giving up on Seed 1's defoliation. I think I'm gonna wing it from here on out because I am just not invested enough in really wrangling her determined spirit. It hurts us both.

I found some mold growing on the surface of Seed 1's soil. I sprayed it down with some hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), but when I asked Dr. Google, they said it was likely just saprophytes, not something dangerous like powdery mildew. Another grower friend of mine says that he take takes it as a sign of a diverse microbial community. Aiight, I can get behind that.

Day 38: The pH in both plants is coming down nicely, which should help immensely. Despite the less-than-ideal current conditions, both girls are stretching nicely! I found them pushing up against the net tonight and had to help some branches through the net. Tons more growth on the buds of Seed 2, too!

Day 39: I noticed that the pH of the soil was starting to come back up. I'm hoping that some sulfur will help on that front. Other than that, calcium and magnesium continue to be an ongoing issue that's most noticeable in new leaves. As the leaves age, they seem to get a little greener, but boy, am I uncomfortable with this extended deficiency.

Day 40: I did a little thinning on both plants to clear some of the undergrowth out. I freakin' love the structure of the Bearsquanch, she's just so easy to work with. Forum Stomper is more like having to work with a group of people who are way more qualified than you are, and even though they're being patient, you know damn well you're straining everybody's patience.

I'm really seeing that color change going on. I'm going to drop a cheap SunSun powerhead into the reservoir to keep things stirred up in there in case everything settling to the bottom is causing nutrient toxicity. (That'd be embarrassing!)

Day 41: Today I added "fast-acting sulfur" (I have no idea if it acts just as fast as elemental sulfur acts, or if it's any different at all lol) to the top 1.5" of soil in both pots to help bring the pH down. I dropped a powerhead into the water reservoir to keep all the nutrients circulating, and it turns out that with everything settled to the bottom, the pH was way off. D: After letting it run for 15-20 minutes, I re-pHed the reservoir to 6.3. (I'm not terribly concerned about being off the 6.5 mark because A.) they should still be able to get everything they need and B.) the soil's still over 7.0 in both plants so I'm happy for any reasonable help in bringing the pH down to a more habitable range for cannabis plants.)

I'm amazed at how much water vapor these ladies produce. Between my husband and me, the dehumidifier's getting emptied at least twice a day. How?! I swear there's a loss of conservation when I look at how much water is still left in the reservoir. It doesn't add up!

In other news, today I learned that cannabis cuttings can legally be put in our yard waste bins to be taken away to compost. What a time to be alive.

Day 42, 10/20/2021: Thirsty plants needed their reservoir topped up tonight and got an additional 4 gallons (~15 liters) of fortified, pH-adjusted water with 120 ml of FF Big Bloom, 25 ml Tiger Bloom, 16 ml of cal-mag, and 1 ml of Seachem Prime (dechlorinator). pH of reservoir was 6.4-6.5 after allowing everything to mix. Plant soil is finally testing down around 6.5-6.7. I hope that means they'll start growing beautifully again, because boy, they were hungry.

The tops were getting close enough to the lights that I was starting to worry about lightburn. My husband re-rigged the lights so they can be raised up higher. Then I raised the lights up higher.

Hopefully next week goes better!


Week 6, start
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