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Week 7 of mixed variety indoor grow

End of week 7 day 49 for most of the girls.

On day 43 I noticed the Sugar Mama was too bushy and a lot of lights was being blocked

sugar mama before.jpg

So I decided to defoliate and do LST, which looked much better and light got to most branches:

sugar mama after.jpg

But 6 days later by the end of the week (today) she looked like this again


I'm not gonna defoliate again so soon, I'll probably tuck some leaves tomorrow (I probably won't be able to stop myself and will remove a couple of leaves :)

The other girls were generally doing well some minor issues on different plant, here they are all together on day 49 clockwise from top left:

Candy Kush #2 standing at 66cms
Sugar Mama standing at 24cms (center)
Bubble Kush standing at 82cms
Candy Kush #1 standing at 44cms
Fastberry standing standing 64cms


I found out what is going on with those nutrients and the general un-healthy of plants (spots on some, really bright on others, clawed tip, ...) but none seemed too serious. Because I am towards the end of my nutrient bottles that they were too thick and were not actually mixing well into the water explaining why the EC wasn't getting as high as I expected when adding biogrow.

Made sure the nutrients are properly mixed today (put them in then blast with water to mix well) and water them today with a good mixed meal, expecting them to have better colours soon:
4ml/l biogrow
5ml/l biobloom
1.5ml/l biobizz calmag
couple drop ph down

with EC of 2.1

The Sugar Mama only got 1ml/l of biobloom but otherwise same as above.

Following a close up of each:

Candy Kush #2:



The Bubble Kush grew really tall, she is close to the light but it is ok as she is getting less of it as she it an angle next to it:



The fastberry is looking prettier every day, the deformity that was at the beginning is barely visible now:



As seen above, Sugar Mama took really well to her training here is a view of her from above, what do you think should I defoliate again? I've only just defoliated on 6 days ago


The Bubble Kush #1 is doing great, nice bud sites everywhere:


Not sure what those burns leaves were about, she is ok now


I love what those skyline 1000 lights are doing to the plants but I really don't enjoy this whole nutrient ec/ph watering process. Cumbersome and takes time, I am going to try different approaches for a 'just-add-water' grow (biotabs and living soil experiment I started you can see in some pics). Pretty sure the yield will be smaller but with those lights, I think I will producing more than enough for what I need, so if i can make it easier and cheaper by keeping living soil it is a win!

Thanks for visiting and as usual please leave any feedback, comments or suggestions.
(lol was going to sign with my actual name, such a stoner)
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