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Week 8

Day 50, 10/28/2021: Bam!! Got my Sweet Gelato (Sweet Seeds) ordered today. My growmies are always, always buying seeds. One friend and I have been holding out, and like a fucking bobbit worm, I got the ones I've been waiting for today. :D Now I'm not sure if my next grow will be Skywalker or Gelato...

pH of the reservoir is holding, no adjustment necessary. Outside of that, I didn't really have anything I needed to do, so I took some glamor shots. Bearsquanch is finally on the mend, and Forum Stomper is doing pretty well.

Look ma, no macro lens

Day 51: pH in the reservoir still looks good. Nothing else is new tonight.

Day 52: pH is holding, no other issues.

Day 53: I noticed some browning tips and edges on Seed 1 showing up today. When I checked the soil pH, both girls were really low--Seed 2 was at 6.2 and Seed 1 was at 6.0. The soil has been amended with both lime (raises pH) and sulfur (lowers pH), but I don't have a handle on how much of each to add. (I know now that I should use considerably less sulfur, haha.) Both had difficulty producing a steady read which leads me to think that there's not much buffering capacity in the soil. Any suggestions on improving that? In the meantime, I pHed the reservoir a little high (6.8) to help bring the soil pH up a little, and I'll be checking soil pH daily for the rest of the week.

Day 54: Keeping the reservoir pH a little high has helped bring the plants' soil back into a safer, nutrient-ready range with Seed 2 being at 6.6 and Seed 1 being 6.3. I don't want to boost Seed 2 any higher or drop Seed 1 lower, so hopefully I can continue to keep up the balancing act.

Day 55: Seed 2 pH: 6.8. Seed 1 pH: 6.2. FUCK! Added some crushed up sulfur pellets to Seed 2's soil since it works much more quickly than the lime. I really ground the shit out of it before adding it, so I hope that improves uptake.

Day 56, 11/3/2021: Seed 2 pH: 6.3. Cool, I'm cool with that for now. Seed 1 pH: 5.9. I ground up some lime pellets and added it to the top ~1" of soil. Reservoir pH: 6.3. Adjusted to 6.7. I fucking hate these wild changes they're experiencing, I'd never have let my fish go through this. Who here has tried adding a high-CEC medium (like Seachem Flourite or CaribSea EcoComplete) to their soil mix? I'm thinking that, for next grow, I'll throw down a layer of pea gravel, then a mix of FFOF +10% perlite +15% Flourite/EcoComplete and maybe a lighter layer with a higher perlite content (like +20). Planting should include a myco supplement on the germinated seed's taproot or, if planting straight into dirt, put some myco supplement on a q-tip and push it into the dirt up to the widest point before dropping the seed in and pushing it another 6 mm (1/4") in.



Week 8, start


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