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Week 9 of mixed variety indoor grow

Alright, another week posting a few days late as I've taken these pictures on Sunday. Buds are growing nicely :D

Upped the feed as they seemed to need it. EC is now going from a base of .6 to 2.4, feed per litre:
5ml biogrow
5ml biobloom
2ml calmag
ph 6.4

So hard to resist harvesting the Candy Kush plant 2, but she can do with more as not enough amber trichomes yet on day 63:

20-11-08 12:58:59.png

She is still showing some nutrient burn, I've already decided I am only giving her water but she is barely drinking anything. Should I just give her a flush and then a lower feed? Or more of something? I am leaning more towords excess of something as she got more than recommended schedule from biobizz.


And in all her glory


The other Candy Kush auto (plant #1) which I trained is funny, trichomes still clear but there are some amber ones:

20-11-08 13:08:43.png

A bit slower than the other plant, seems like more buds but smaller and not fattened up as much (forgot to take close up of bud :smoking:):


Both Candy Kushs are telling me something but I am not listening, should I pay more attention to those burns? I am putting it down as normal since it is taking up lots of nutrients in final weeks?
Top view of the Candy Kush 1

Next, the Sugar Mama auto:
She was showing some magnesium deficiency but got better have increasing calmag. Didn't take any pictures of her on Sunday, this is her last Thursday on day 60 before another defoliation, IIRC I read about schwazzing that day and decided to try it out :D Here she is before some defoliation (day 60 but late because of issues starting up):

day 60 before defoliation.jpg

And after some torture on day 60

day 60 after defoliation.jpg

She took it well and has filled up again, but not defoliating again, already defoliated too many times I think.

The fastbuds Fastberry also had a defoliation but not as extreme, dying leaves and ones blocking lights from lower buds. Here she is day 56.

day 56 before defoliation.jpg

and after defoliation:

day 56 afterdefoliation.jpg

After 3 days she looked great, here she is on day 59. She is looking beautiful and grew really well! The ugly duckling. So glad I didn't listen to the people telling me to chop her off because of her deformity.

Having smoked my outdoor grown fastberry, I really liked the high but was disappointed on quantity, looks like this girl will give me lots and hopefully the high is similar:

day 59_131725.jpg

The colours of those buds are amazing purplish grey.

day 59_131806.jpg

And those trichomes on the fastberry with that colour:

day 5920-11-08 13:19:50.png

And last but not least, the Bubble Kush auto. She is my favorite, never complained, the youngest yet the biggest, took all her nutes without complains trichomes on day 59 mostyl crystal clear:

20-11-08 13:04:20.png

Bud is looking amazing! Did I mention I love this plant? RQS did a good job here, I've got my next grows sorted, lots of rqs strain going to grow in this tent (already got the seeds ;) ) I had already wanted to try RQS because of their blogs posts and their content always coming up when I search for stuff but after trying this sample, I am hooked, bought some seeds and got some more sample.


Here she is on day 59 full view:


And the ladies altogether (lol just noticed the bubble kush is completly blocking the fastberry and candy kush plant 1 behind it):


you can see them more in this video

Noticed a couple of small bugs flying around, no idea what they are so ordered some more Neem oil and some stickies just in case.

Thanks for reading and please leave any comments/feedback.

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