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Weeks 9 and 10 in the Aerogardens

Budding is well underway but I was hoping they'd stop stretching by now! :holymoly:

I figure I have a minimum of 3 weeks left on Sadie (in the Bounty) and 4 weeks in Freida (in the Farm) so I just hooked up a couple of extra external grow lights. They are all 100w LED bulbs. Two of them are synced with the 20/4 schedule on my Aerogarden lights, but I figured keeping the upper leaves on 24/7 would be ok since I want to focus on their growth. Does anyone have any thoughts on that or other suggestions on light coverage?

For my first grow, I'm pretty happy with where I'm at with the girls now

current setup.jpgFreida bud week 9.jpgFreida week 9.jpgSadie week 10.jpg
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