Weird yellow Blackberry Kush Auto

I have a post on this in the infirmary, I perhaps would be better off waiting to see if this plant lives, but it's a week now and she seems to be growing normally apart from her lack of chlorophyll pigmentation. It's not unusual for some bean to take a day or two to green up, but this one looked weird right off the bat. She seemed to be very very pale even as the back of the cotyledons were visible. When she finally showed her first bits of serrated leaves there was the normal red tinge on the edges like Blackberry Kush gets, however she still seemed rather yellow to me.

Well she has been growing for a week now and if I compare the growth with my previous BK I she seems to be progressing normally but still refusing to become green. There are some green smudges on the first leaves but the second set still appear to be all yellow. Fortunately seeing as they have their own reservoir and that it is hydroponic, this means that I can absolutely rule out 100% anything to do with the nutrient. It's just my standard seedling nutrient that I've always used. As unlikely as it was I nevertheless mixed up a new batch of nutrient which is why I'm now 100% certain it's not the nutrient. The only other possibility was damaged roots not taking up nutrient, but there's the normal growth tells me this is not the case.

Now that I've put a post up, she's either going to drop dead tomorrow, or go green. So in the hope that this is some sort of cray cray genetic mutation I shall continue and see what happens.

BK - 12.jpeg

BK - 1.jpegBK - 2.jpegBK - 3.jpegBK - 4.jpegBK - 5.jpegBK - 6.jpegBK - 7.jpegBK - 8.jpegBK - 9.jpegBK - 10.jpegBK - 11.jpegBK - 12.jpegBK - 13.jpegBK - 1 (1).jpeg


There is an Auto strain called "Golden Canary" that has leaves that colour. l wonder if that more stabilised strain and this plant share ancestry somewhere in their gene-pool?

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