New Things on the Horizon for AFN!

New Things on the Horizon for AFN!

Good afternoon and welcome to the AutoFlower Network!  I’m sure this may look a bit different to those of you that normally frequent the site and are looking for splash intro page into the forum, but we hope this will serve as a more convenient hub for all things related!

In the past year we have started live product testing for vendor products with our CannaZone Test Group, conducting Live Interviews with growers and product vendors courtesy our Auto Warriors group, and just recently launched our new Showcase Product Review system which we hope will turn into an organized system of product reviews!

We’re excited to be able to add new features like our Calendar of Events which will display any future contests for AFN, our sister photo site Pot Pro’s, and scheduled live interviews!  We also hope in time to have a full article system for growing help, tutorials, and how-to’s!

So stick around and grow with us!



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