First Annual AFN Festivus by Son of Hobbes

First Annual AFN Festivus by Son of Hobbes

Watch this space!

We are gearing up for the 1st Annual 2016-2017 AFN Festivus Holiday Party! Now you may know we’ve done holiday events every year up to this point but this year, we wanted to do something extra special for our members here with all the success we’ve had with our Live Vendor Program, all the hard work the Auto Warriors have done with the Live Interviews, and all staff members that have put in over the year to make this site progress to where it is now!

So we plan on running multiple contests and events starting in December and running through well into January and possibly even later!

At the last rough count, I estimated over $10,000.00 USD in donated prize value! We have gear from nearly every vendor on site (which I’ll be going over in detail in the coming days,) and we even have some local indie breeders like @Magic and @GoAuto6 throwing down some of their seed stock, so there will be plenty of amazing genetics flying around here!

We’ve got LED panels from several vendors for giveaway!

Swag! T-shirts, stickers, posters, grinders, bongs, bags!

All the contests, rules, events, and otherwise will be posted within this forum. Feel free to ask questions, comment, and have a great time! I’ll have an official prize list with the donating vendors on it soon!

Thank you to all of you members that stick around and make this site what it is!


For Updates on the Prize Fund and details of the competitions follow this thread.

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