AFN December BOM Rule changes

AFN December BOM Rule changes

What’s up AFN….. how’s my favorite group of growers doing this fine evening?

Look guys and gals here’s the deal. We as globals try to feel the heartbeat of our community. If we see something that we feel can be done better to benefit the majority of the community then we try our best to make the proper changes to do that. We want our members to be happy with their home here, spread the AFN vibe, and grow awesome autoflowering cannabis plants.

This is where the BOM/POM competition comes into play. We love recognizing the top growers of our community and rewarding them for the hard work and time spent Journaling and spreading knowledge here and what better way to do that than a competition. Same thought process with the battles, a friendly comp drives people to push harder and brings them closer to excellence.

This is all fine and dandy BUT ……… we have noticed plants being left out. Every month I push for Nominations from members but get fewer and fewer while looking at beautiful plants daily in threads. We feel too many growers and plants are being left out of a comp they deserve to be in. Wether this is because of being overlooked or new and not as popular I don’t think it’s right so I want to fix it. I want the BOM full of plants every month. I want more people to be able to participate. I want no plant left un noticed or over looked if they deserve to be in the BOM.

I feel it’s time for a RULE CHANGE….. so that’s what I’m doing..

From now on the rule for no self nominations will be abolished. Starting in December BOM the nominations will be open for self nominations. That’s right. If you grow a plant that’s BOM worthy then by all means head over to the BOM and nominate YOUR OWN plant for the monthly prize. You can still nominate someone else’s plant as well.

The comp will be open to the first 20 entries. Noms will be taken from the 1st to the 15th of every month and Voting will begin on the 16th and end on the last day of the month.

All existing rules still apply as far as the harvest time frame so even though I’m sorry you got over looked in the past I cannot open it up to those plants but in the future the problem will be fixed.

But wait that’s not all my friends….. starting in DECEMBER the monthly BOM/POM winner will be offered a slot on the CannaZone Test Team in the seed division… that’s right. If your chosen as one of the top growers on AFN you might as well be testing top new genetics aye??

Any questions on this feel free to P.M myself or @budelee anytime

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