#festivus Best Sunrise/sunset competition


Do you have the Best Sunrise or Sunset photos on #afn or #afn social media….?..

Get your photos in now.

This is a selection of entries so far..

Here is mine..

Beauty sunset last weekend on the Tampa coastline!! Would so go back!!


Sunset on a lake in Maine! (my favorite place on earth!) Took this while on a fishing vacation at the beginning of October. Mother nature is amazing! [IMG]

Couple here.

Key Largo, FL




Oregon,right outside my trailer. [IMG]

Sola flooding my world with photons, birth of the new year, mid Jan [IMG]

This is my favourite fishing spot!(west coast of Ireland) [IMG]

Here is my favorite pic of the year of the Brooklyn Sunrise at 74 days old
OHHH wait a minute not that kind of Sunrise pic huh? :D


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