Do you want to Play Dirty Santa..?

Do you want to Play Dirty Santa..?

Ok guys I’m taking a page out of one of mentors book here….. @epenguin

Here’s the deal. My other comp I allowed the community to pick a winner. This time I’M PICKING THE WINNER……

I’m putting up 3 random “Dirty Santa” pics. Your job to enter is to choose 1 of them. Then you copy the pic and paste it in your best attempt to caption the photo and make ME and MISSES TRAIN really get a good chuckle……

We will read them all carefully (and I give you my word there will be no favortism.) And together we will select a winner.

Here’s the rules…. NO RACISM, NO POLITICS please be respectful to others in the community but besides that I’m a pretty twisted dude at times SO MAKE ME LAUGH……


Some of the Entries so far..

Normally I’m the guy who gives the presents!
But this year Bill Clinton said he wanted to be the one that gave me a present.
I’m not sure what it is but something smells a bit fishy to me!

Rudolf is starting to wonder where his lunch is!
But I’m not sure he is gonna eat that carrot, once he knows where it’s been!:laughcry:

I said to my friends “I hate fancy dress and I don’t have a costume anyway”
They said “No worries, just come in you festive hat and and get pissed with us”!
So I did as they said “So I got pissed & came in my festive hat”!
And oh boy what a night it was but now my hat is stuck on like glue and my mouth feels like an elf shat in it!
I swear never again, bah humbug!:rofl:

At the staff Christmas party Mrs Claus said she wanted the plates cleared before anyone got any Christmas pudding!
She made it especially clear she wanted everyone to eat all their Brussels Sprouts and that she didn’t want to hear any buts.
Well Mrs Claus & love you as much as I do, if you go round making people eat that many sprouts, your gonna hear quite a few butts!:crying:


Are you Sure this is how @Root said to check our PH..I can’t read the meter from here.

AFN Staff Party 2015


I Told you he wasn’t a Real penguin..:yeah:

#festivus#hobbseyssacks Gifts


Ok it’s officially a go…. make me giggle

To make A-Train Giggle..follow the Dirty Santa Link.

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