Frogster on Ferro. AFN Live Humans

Frogster on Ferro. AFN Live Humans

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The object of this thread is to give a true unbiased review, inform people of a range of Nutrients & additives that probably do not appear on their radar… I have been testing them on my last few grows.

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A little bit about Ferro….

Ferro is a supplier of custom made plant fertilizers. They offer a great deal of plant nutrients, plant enhancers, pH regulators & bloom boosters, and also cleaners and products for air treatment.

Their specialty is Analysis Nutrients – plant nutrients made especially for the individual grower/farmer using their own water source to analyse and make up a personal nutrient.

Ferro has specialised in the development and production of nutrients for the private and commercial markets since the early 1990’s.

Development initially rooted in the Dutch flower/vegetable sector has further evolved to satisfy the needs of private (canna) cultivators throughout Europe.

Distribution is via Grow shops, Hydroponic stores, etc… But, I believe you can also purchase them in the UK via a company called Acorn Wholesale >>> Link Here <<<

It works like this:-

The grower (you) fills the free sample bottle with 250 ml water he/she uses to make their normal nutrients with.

The grower can indicate directly on this bottle what kind of substrate he /she is working on and what kind of nutrient he/she wants.

You or your local dealer sends this sample bottle to Ferro. This water sample is then coded and sent to the laboratory.

Ferro receives the analysis results after a few days.

The nutrient schedules are made based on this.

The schedules are then entered in the computer and the quantities ordered dispensed.
This is carried out in an automatic system, with an accuracy of 0.25%!

The nutrient is made ready for transport and delivered to the customer.
Analysis nutrient is available in 5, 10, 20, 100, 200 and 1000 litres


As well as a very personalised service (as above), they also have some pre developed “Regional” ones.

These “Regional” ones are already pre-made for certain areas in the UK and EU – using the Local Water Authorities reported analysis data & specifications, other previous water samples, etc….

Some regions that are already developed

Regional Feed Rotterdam
Regional Feed Drachten
Regional Feed Eindhoven
Regional Feed The Hague
Regional Feed Weert
Regional Feed Greater London
Regional Feed Norwich
Regional Feed East Anglia
Regional Feed Edinburgh
Engrais Regional Marseille

But they have more, If all else fails, they can even turn around a one off analysis, and manufacture just for you, in about 1 week.

A bit about my thoughts on the products suitability

I used the premade “Ferro Regional” as one was already available for my area. I completed 2 full grows, totalling 8 plants, using Canna Plus Soil mixed with pebbles and perlite.

Regional Feed is a brilliant concept (in my opinion)…The values that occur in the basic water (tap water) from your area, are already calculated and allowed for in the “Regional” feed.

You, as a grower, can work with just the right amount of nutrients, you can expect to produce a higher E.c. and can therefore expect a higher “dry substance” yield.

Sounds good…. But it doesn’t end there….

Within the “Ferro Regional” range, they also supply further variances, for 4 different substrate types, namely:-

Cocco – NFT/Aero – Osmosis – Soil/Hydro

So…. That mean’s, to me as a grower…. (and this is how my logic works)…

When coupled with the autopot system and it’s fantastic ability to deliver the correct dosage of feed at the correct time the plant wants it, you are now really starting to get dialled in….

If the feed has been corrected for “regional differences” in minerals, corrected for PH and every substrate type…

The result should be fewer (if any) Nute tip burns, cal/mag deficiencies over/under feeding, etc, but you should have better nutrient uptake, better roots, better plants, better growth & bigger yields… and all done easier.

So…… This is my experience…..

I purchased the range below from a local growshop, I think I paid somewhere around £95.00 for the lot, (minus superthrive).

I have completed two grows, totalling 8 plants, (a 5 plant grow and a 3 plant grow) I still have 75% Grow A+B, 50% PK Booster Enriched and Enzyme Plus, and about 40% Crop & 10% Roots.

I ran out of Bloom A & B just after the first 5 plants and purchased a 5ltr of each – this however is the cheapest out of all of them, so no biggie there, and will last me a long while yet.


I grow indoors in a tent using the autopot system, so I needed nutrients that mixed well, were fully water soluble and remained dissolved – in order to be suitable and not block the valves on the autopot trays.

I also wanted good healthy plant growth, good uptake, few if any defficiencies, etc.

Here are some plants I have grown, using Ferro Nutrients….




Another important indicator (for me) is looking at the post harvest roots, if the plants liked the nutrients and root additives it will be apparent here.

They passed that test. Every plant had very good root growth, however I also put some of that down to the Autopot system and Airdomes. They appear to work perfectly together.




If you get both of these (good growth & good roots) you will most likely achieve buds like these, very frosty, tric heavy, tasty and full.






Mixing up to the recommended levels (using an adapted version of their scheme below), I achieved a almost perfect PH (5.8) with an EC of 1.6 to 2.0 depending on what I needed at the time.


They remained fully dissolved and bang on PH & EC, even after mixing a large 100 ltr tank and leaving it (with a small water pump) in the reservoir for 12 days – as a test.

Of course, everyone’s results will be different, subject to all the other elements that have influence (lights, temp, humidity, etc). But to get an idea you can look at a few of my grows to see how I handled it.

In my opinion, They do what they say they will do on the bottle, No Drama, No Problems, No Contest !

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My product rating
You would do well to give them a go.

Confessions & Deviations from the Norm

I occasionally added some silicone in early grow, and re-adjusted PH without a problem.
I also admit to adding a little superthrive (0.5ml per 15ltr feed), I love the yeasty smell more than anything else.


This review was undertaken using products that I purchased myself from a local grow shop, Ferro had/have no knowledge of me doing this review, and I have no connection with them – other than being a very satisfied customer.


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