The art of pressing Rosin-Solventless Extraction



You had a great harvest. You are wanting to try dabbing for the first time or are interested in the Holy Grail of flavor and high from your your cannabis. Concentrates are the next level in your cannabis crusade and this guide will help get you there. We are talking about Rosin, A solventless extraction, bringing full on flavor and cannabinoids to you, without adding chemicals to the process.
First, a rundown of some equipment you will need to get you started…
1) A hair straightener or rosin press
2) Parchment Paper
3) A infrared temp gun. Yes, this is an essential piece of equipment, to dial in your pressings!!
4) Dewalt hand ratchet clamp or any other brand will do.
These 4 item are all you need to press the cannabis flower to extract the essential oil/rosin out of your cannabis.
If you make your cannabis into hash for making Rosin, you will need 1 of the 3 items below to filter out impurities in your hash.
Unbleached coffee filters, tea bags or screens specially designed for pressing rosin.

I dont claim that I am an expert in the temps I use, or the pressing times, but the ranges I give are only a suggestion and you will need to dial your own system and strains in, to find the sweet spot.
Pro Tip: higher pressure lower temps.

Pressing Flower-Surfaces are HOT and can cause BURNS, so we use a clamp.
break your buds down into manageable pieces, that will fit in your hair straightener plates, with giving some room for the rosin to ooze.
1) Set your temp on your hair straightener from 180*F-220*F(this is where the temp gun come in)
2) Place your nugget of weed in a small folded piece of parchment, leaving enough parchment for the rosin to ooze from the flower.
3) Place the parchment, carefully in between the plates and place the clamp of the top and bottom plate. SLOWLY ratchet the clamp down, warming the flower and melting the trichombs with a SLOW press. Then ratcheting the clamp down as far as you can, without breaking the flat iron. You can count it off and listen for the sizzle, as this is a indicator that the moisture in the flower is being evaporated. Once it stops sizzling, break loose the clamp, pull the parchment from the plates, carefully set the flat iron off to the side and open the parchment. Take the flattened flower out and save it on a plate or put it in parchment and press it again for a second pressing.
You should have some oil on the parchment paper. That is the Rosin, that you can collect and start your dabbing experience. Now the pressed bud “chips” can be saved and used to make other things, as there are some oils and cannabinoids left over in the pressed “Chips”. Nothing goes to waste.
Pressing the flower yields a bit less, but has a better terpine profile, meaning the smell and taste/flavor are must more vibrant, in my opinion.
Final note on pressing flower- Some will press better that others. You can have the frostiest of weed, that wont press very well. It happens. It’s not your technique, or supplies. Some strains, simply wont press well.



Pressing Hash-
Pressing hash is a great way to get the big yields out of your cannabis. Which ever method you use to make your hash, dry sift, drum, bubble or dry ice, the final product will have impurities. That is where a unbleached coffee filter, tea bag or rosin pressing screens will come into play. Either or these will be used to put your hash in, to hold back those impurities. Coffee filters and tea bags work, but it has been my experience, that they can blow out under pressure and contaminate your final product. so I dont use them. Temps for pressing hash are much lower. 160*F-200*F and you will need to play with that.
1) Place a small amount of hash in a make shift pocket in the coffee filter, tea bag. Pressing screens, just fold the top over and place in between the parchment.
2) Place the parchment in the flat iron and get your clamp ready.
3) Press the iron with your clamp for 10-12 seconds and release.
The packet of pressed left overs, can be discarded with hash pressing. Collect the rosin off the parchment and start dabbing!

If you find that you want to ramp up your concentrate game, your next move will be buying a rosin press. This piece of equipment will help you dial in your your temperatures and pressure and speed up the process. Follow your Presses manufacturers recommended instructions for operation, then dial it in from there, but you can press some great rosin, with minimal supplies!!
Pro tip: buy your hair straightener at a discount store or a local charity/thrift store for a few bucks and parchment isnt that expensive. Precut parchment paper cost a bit more.
The above times and temps are a recommendation. And you will need to dial in your process. You can achieve great yields with hash and flower, depending on strain and extraction method.
A word of caution for the first time dabber….less is more. If you are with friend, dont give in to peer pressure, trying to take a fat dab that they do. Take 1/2 that and if it doesn’t get you where you wan to be, try another small dab and see what happens. Its not fun having a bad first dab experience. Concentrtes are just that…concentrated cannabinoids. Most strains boast a thc level of 12-20+% of the flower. Rosin has, on the average 76% THC or more!
Special note: Surfaces of hair straightener/flat iron are HOT. Use Caution!




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