Dinafem Bubba Kush Auto Review and Smoke Report

Dinafem Bubba Kush Auto Review and Smoke Report



DinaFem Bubba Kush Auto

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Strain Name:
Bubba Kush
Seed Breeder:


http://DinaFem Cannabis Seeds

Where did you obtain the seeds?:
Known Genetics/Crosses:
DinaFem Claims the Bubba Kush Pre’98 X White Widow Autoflowering
Did it autoflower?:
Showed and flowered under 18/6
Indica leaning hyb
Grown indoors or outdoors?:
Growing Medium:
Organic Black Gold


Container/Pot Size:
1 gal


Nutrient Schedule:
See the Below link
(Images in the link are not BK)
Lights Used:
Platinum p300x2

platinum-led-copyhttp://Platinum LED Grow Lights


Finishing Height of Plant:
around 33-35in tall
Plant Odor:
So this is one that you will need odor control on, and i mean proper filters as well as some ona gel around the area.

Vegetative growth was minimal, just that typical new plant smell. Nothing that set off the nose.

Preflower/Early flower, things started to get funky. I had three seeds, two were identical pretty much in pheno and then there was one that was smaller.

The large girls that were 33-35 in tall had a Pine tar/earthy/skunky blend. This was before touching the buds. After touching them it left the hand with the smell of Pine and lemon. Great combo.

Smaller gall had the coffee/earthy smell to her. Not as strong as the other two but still enough to get a wiff in the tent. Touch these buds and it smelled like you spilled coffee on your hand. just lovely.

Late Flower, was horrid. In a good way, i was running a 435 cfm extraction fan and a matching carbon filter, new filter mind you, and the smell was throughout the house. Thats when the ona gel and the misters had to come out.

Breeder Recommended Harvest Time:
Indoor 65-70 days
Actual Days to Harvest Time:
Took mine to 75 days to get mix i wanted
Dry Yield:
A lot, never weighed it
High/Effect of Strain:
First the tall gals…Plant1
This one is the best tasting of the lot. She was a hell of a resin producer and the high is not just looking at that tric covered pic.Packing…..Smell is of Pine, skunky, lemon. These come out as you grind up or break up the flowers. Leaving your fingers covered in some sticky resin, and the grinder is left hard to turn even after a proper dry and cure. Which i allowed to take place over 2 months before i even tested a bud.Green Hit, this is where it is folks on this one. Inhale is pure pine with a hit of earth, like the smell you have after trimming a christmas tree. Then on the exhale its nothing but lemony skunky funk. It crosses smooth with no bite or bitterness. Expansion is there and its a bit hard to old in given the resin coverage.Rest of the run, it holds its flavor pretty much to the last hit, and this is all in a glass “bat” style one hitter that holds about 1/2g-1gPlant 2
[IMG]This was a sister pheno that was pretty much identical to the first plant. They had the same height, branching and bud locations.

Pack…was the same as listed above
Green hit, this was a little more backwards got the skunky/lemon on the draw and the pine tar on the exhale. This was different for me and yet a nice surprise.

Effect of plant 1 and 2 hits like a hammer, straight to the head and body, and this will depend on when you take her. I like a mix of clear/milky/amber. This allows some of the immature ones to finish out during the dry cure phase. So some will go clear to milky and milky will go to amber at times during a proper cure.

Full bowl lasts about 2 hrs, and 2.5 if you include the lift, peak, and comedown. Impressed all around with this one.

Girl 3 the coffee gal

Packing the bowl…breaking this stuff up is a mess, a mess of sticky gooeyness. Coffee comes through right away with a touch of earth.

Green hit….Like a sip of deep breakfast blend coffee. High flavor profile with out the bitterness. Picture a chocolate covered coffee bean. Exhale was just the same, never had a plant have the same in as i did out.

I let this one ride she was about 80-85% amber when i picked her, she was smaller and faster than her bigger sisters. She hit hard and fast, body stone all the way. Time for the couch and the TV cause if there is muscle pain or a headache…its gone. This ones high hung around about 3 hours on a full bowl. Lift, peak, comedown.

Duration of Effects:
Depended on the Girls and time i took them. See above for full details
Medicinal Value:
Pain relief, muscle relaxation as well as sleep aid. Great all around buds.
Rate the Bud Appeal:
Rate the Plant Growth:
Rate the Odor:
Rate the Smoke:
Rate the High: 4/5

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