#CannaBiz Profile. QC Infusion

#CannaBiz Profile. QC Infusion

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Robert Ryan received a B.S. in Biology from the University of Cincinnati and is a Delivery Systems Specialist; overseeing R&D for emulsified flavors at a family-owned flavor company, Robert has over five years of experience in product formulation and method development. His past experience includes R&D for Procter & Gamble, and seven years as a pharmacy technician. After suggesting to his employer that opportunities may exist for the company in cannabis, Robert has attended numerous National Cannabis Conferences and gained experience working with companies in legal states.  Robert is a passionate advocate and participant for industry driven medical research and standardized testing for the Cannabis industry.

Nic Balzer is the co-founder and CEO of QC Infusion, hemp activist, husband and father.  After graduating college, he worked in the aerospace industry researching and developing composites and materials testing.  He spent the last six years in the steel industry working with the world’s largest recycler to improve cleanliness and performance.  He is a passionate activist working on state cannabis legislation and localized decriminalization.  He believes in the need for alternative wellness products derived from cannabis with strict standards for testing and sourcing.  He believes change comes from within and starts at home.  He was taught from a young age the importance of hard work and finds gratification in seeing a project from start to finish.  He is involved with his local community garden and teaching ‘green living’ techniques to our future generations.

The two QC Infusion founders, Nic Balzer and Robert Ryan, met a few years back and discovered they shared a common interest: the healing powers of hemp. They share the philosophy that hemp is a medicinal plant and should be studied and developed as a remedy to help alleviate life’s ailments.

They also agreed that there is still much to learn about hemp and what they believe are the undiscovered health benefits that could make a difference in peoples’ well-being.  Their passion led to discussions of how they could play a pivotal role in making a difference, and a business partnership was born.

Nic and Robert realized that their backgrounds in food science and package goods were perfectly aligned for a partnership dedicated to making alternative health and wellness products. And QC Infusion was founded to develop and produce tailor-made products targeted to address specific health and wellness benefits, in the form that works best for their customers.

Early on, they recognized that the industry was unregulated with much confusion about product ingredients, sourcing, potency, and cleanliness.  As a result, the founding principles of QC Infusion are twofold: complete transparency about everything we do, each ingredient we use, and to uphold the highest industry standards in quality control.

At QC Infusion, we want to understand and apply the health and wellness benefits of hemp to all. That’s why we strive to be a voice of change and give a percentage of sales to local communities and national charitable organizations that build awareness of the healing benefits of products like ours. Additionally, a percentage of our sales will be donated to scientific research related to the alternative health and wellness community.



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