Roots, what we think we know….

Roots, what we think we know….

So riddle me this, what do we really know about the auto’s root system. My theory is its directly related to flower trigger. I have seen this over the years, time and time again. Trauma or no room result if a faster flowering, smaller structured plant. The question though, is that always the case with the plant. I have also seen the same situation reversed where a multi pot has taken longer to trigger than an individual plant. So is the root system intelligent enough to realize it’s in a multi pot when they have no more room to grow to trigger flower. The only variable in this equation is that most of my plants are bred and grown under 18/6 and the ones that were longer are under 24/0 light. I think that may have something to do with it as well, but well see. The experiment is still in progress.

For my main theory though, i will be using the F1 children of a recent cross to show how i feel the root system is the switch for flower. I have two plants here that are from the same generation, the only difference is the container that they are grown in. The first stage of the test was to see when “sexing” began. I had both plants in the same container for control up until the point of sex. Once I identified 2 female plants, i was able to begin the second stage of the test. Both plants sexed within one day of the other, at this stage the plants had enough time to form roots that were not root bound but filling the container that they were in. So, to me i see this as a stage where the plant triggers the hormone to begin the fertile cycle. They were not root bound, no circling of the root system, I was able to ID this with a special method to the planting pot.

Below you will see how i was able to ID the root system at the time of sex. Once the plant decided to show its reproductive system i checked the status of the roots. I locate Sex at the earliest stage that i can, i use a 10x loop to watch the nodes. Once i see the organ, male or female, i note the state of the root system.

First pic is of the earliest stage of sex, shot with Nikon macro setup, pics that follow are of the root system check i did.

Earliest sign of sex here, and this is a male plant for refecence
Root monitor system
Another shot of the root ID system
No roots in a circle pattern at bottom of container. But Side shots prooved root system has reached bottom

So we can see here that the roots have gathered at the bottom of the container, and this is when, i feel the sex of the plant is triggered, male or female. At this stage i transplanted a sister plant from the same genetic line. I wanted to see 2 things, if the late transplant at sex would stunt the plant, and 2 see if the plant would indeed grow larger than its sister before actual flower was triggered. The next pics prove that theory, one is in a smaller control cup and the other was transplanted into a larger container to see if the plant would indeed grow larger before we saw the beginning of flower. Both of the following plants are the exact same age as far as days go.

Control plant

excuse the slight cal/mag but this gal is into her flower period as we can see the clusters forming in the crown.

Here is the sister same day age but transplanted at sex ( before root circling ) into a larger container.

overhead of sister at same day age. Transplant into a .5 gal bag.
same plant to show size and branching. Shows root room = larger plant.

Looking at what i am seeing in the current run, i still believe the sex and flower triggers are directly related to the root system and its stage. If its bound up, i feel sex and flower come a littler sooner than later and if they have the room to grow. They get a little more time to veg out and become something a little more.

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  • Hello friend, I enjoyed your write up immensely. I kept thinking about all of the AFN solo-cup grows. I know you can’t technically use any of that data, but have you reviewed it ? I wonder if your hypothesis would be further supported With review of Solo-Cup grows ? I really do think your on to something, I personally noticed my plants taking longer to finish in 5 Gallon DWC’s compared to 3 Gallon DWC’s – but I can’t say I’ve noticed the same in other mediums. (That’s not to say it doesn’t happen, just that I haven’t noticed.)Best of Luck in all Your Endeavors !

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