CBD Crystal, Isolates and Syrup

CBD Crystal, Isolates and Syrup

Hello AFN! I went on a shopping spree last week, after reading on CBD and its health effects, without the High from THC. I ordered several products to try and came up with a few final thoughts on the effect and how it made me feel.
First, there are 6 ways to purchase CBD. Oil, Syrup, E-liquid, Crystal Add to dictionary hash crumble, tincture and soon to have CBD gummies. I did not get the E-liquid or gummies, as I do not vape on a e-pen and the gummies are not available yet. Here I have CDB products from Empire Wellness, Phyto Dabs and CLOUD N9NE.

The CLOUD N9NE Syrup:
The bottle states to have 2 servings per bottle. For the 4 bottle package, came to $107.00 USD to my door, making it very expensive per serving. But I had to get it and give it a test. It is stated to be served in smoothies or a citrus soda, like 7-up or sprite. I tried this with a small galss of sprite and it didnt taste too bad, but alone, these syrups dont taste very good. effects will be posted at the end.

Phyto Dabs(Phyto Family) Pure Hemp Crystal Isolate:
The Isolate is 99.9% pure CBD and it is best administered in a dab rig,vapor pen, sprinkled on joints, topped off on a bowl of injested in food. The best way is vaped, for the fastest delivery to your body. They have several isolates that are infused with terpines and without!!! I bought the ones without and have different terpines flavors on the way, so I can tailor them to what I like. Flavored Terpines in- Fedora(hemp flavor), Tahoe OG, Sour Tangie, Larry OG, Hardcore OG, SFV OG Kush, Headband, grand Daddy Purps, Strawberry Cough, Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Glue and Tangie.
these isolates go from $24.99 USD per .5 gram(500mg). The cost is a bit pricey IMO, but each on isolate, they are tested for:
residual solvents, pesticides, heavy metals and pesticides.


Empire Wellness Crystal Isolates:
Probably the biggest name on the Web, for crystal isolates and the most tested on Youtube. Same information as the Crystal isolates above. Most companies I have researched, all make the same claims on their CBD products, infused with terpines and without. Co2 extraction and all tested for the same things above. No corn syrup, GMO’s, trans fats or artificial additives. Prices on these Isolates go for $50.00USD for 1 gram(1000mg.)

A note on Terpines: All come with added terpines or without. Most of the isolates that come without, do have a slight terp profile, that has a pepper/cheese/cherry hit to it, a very small hint. You can infuse the plain crystal isolates with individual terpines, so you can tailor your favorite flavor. 1-2 drops of the terpines will flavor 1 gram of crystal isolates!! But the terpines range from $60-80.00USD per ml, witch equals 20 drops per bottle.

CBD has a symbiotic effect on THC. It is said, if you dab too much or get too high, you can take a CBD crystal dab and it will bring you back down. I tried this last Saturday night and it worked! I hit 4 fat Dabs off a rig and was a hurtin unit! I could barely move with the dab sweats and a head high that I though was going to make my head explode. I did 1 good dab of the crystal isolates and felt the effects instantaneously! Brought me back down to a nice manageable level! Very High, but functional. I slept for 7.5 hours straight.(which I never do!) Woke up in the same position, I fell asleep in(that never happens either!)

Yesterday, I took a 1/2 bottle of the Cloud N9NE CBD syrup in a glass of sprite. About 45 minutes after I drank it, I had a calm feeling with no pain in my neck or shoulder. Gave a real sense of calming effect and relaxation.
Last night, I wanted to see how straight CBD would effect me. I loaded my vape pen(Vapor Brothers VB11) with some Tangie terpine flavored Crystal isolate and took about 5 good rips off the pen. Opened up the pen to check the heater and there was nothing left inside. Isolates burn clean and clear! About 3 minutes in, my chronic back and neck pain went away, muscles went loose and had a feeling of calmness. Kind of like a prozac mixed with a muscle relaxant. Again, slept for 7 hours, where I normally get about 5 hours a night.No high or stone associated with it. No THC!!

!00% CBD HASH CRUMBLE @ $50.00USD a gram.

Final thoughts:
I like the isolates and the syrup. Will be trying the hash crumble soon. My only concern was the price, but with the testing they claim and it being 99%+ pure extracted CBD, I understand the costs associated with it. All of these products are available and legal for sale and shipping all over the world, as they have no THC in them! Would I buy them again? yes, but I would like to see the costs come down a bit. If you get a chance, try them for yourself. There are many companies to research and find one that is in your budget.For anyone that has a job, that wont allow THC, this medicine is for you!! No THC to show up on a Urine/Swab test!




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