Dina Fem Auto White Widow Smoke Report

Smoke Report……
Cure smell is out of this world. Its pine mixed with lemon backed with a hit of skunk. when ground up the smell bites the nose with a pure sweet hash and pine smell. The odor on this one is strong, open the jar and within seconds you can smell it across the room. Takes a few hours to clear the room.but a pleasant smell to return to.

Taste 8/10

With the terp profile i was expecting a full complexity of flavor, instead i was greeted with the taste of pure hash. The only reason i dont say 10/10 is because i was hoping for the lemon profile to be there.

Effect, Duration, and Delivery method 9/10

i took the plant at 75 days, there was a mix of amber milky and clear, the milky was the dominance, probably at 50% and 25% split on the others. Her cross to the blood/brain barrier was quick. Direct smoke was quick, hits the head right away and it comes on full force after that. You can tell the hybrid is in there as it does not just sit in the head. After about 20 min the stone would migrate over the body. First the shoulders and then the back and so on and so forth.

Id say it peaked around 3 to 3.5 hours and then tapered off after that. Was impressed with the stone too, i take roughly 60 ML of canna oil a day to negate the ADHD symptoms and this stuff rocked me with one round. This was smoked in the Genius Pipe to give a reference to the bowl size.

Vape results..
This is where i was met with the terp profile i was given when smelling the jar. Lemon on the front pine and hash on the exhale. I run a g pen elite, holds around a gram i think. Full ceramic oven and temp control. Found that the best range on this one is about 375-380 full flavor and decent vapor production. Due to the density and resin content of the buds, if you are going to vape it. Grind it and let it sit for a few hours to dry out. Super dense buds. well over 2.5 hour buzz with the vape and the onset is a little slower but that is the nature of the personal vapes. All in all works great in both types of smoking devices. Joints are pointless even if there is a filter..to sticky.

Oil and Concentrates from Trim…. 10/10

I make canna coconut oil, and use that as my morning and noon meds. That is the best way that i can get the amount that i need to take care of the symptoms. Roughly had about 2.5 dry ounces of trim and seeded buds that were shucked. Used that with some oil, dried, decarbed, and crock pot infusion. Slow cooked at 250 for 4 hours after a proper decarb at 20 min.

00 size caps and 3 set me straight, 5 kicked my ass and put me to bed. Used that amount for restless leg, can’t fight that sleep and it takes you right into la la land. So the infusion was out standing and took very well,. If i dont have caps to make i will use a 30ml med cup and take 2 and dont have to call the dr:biggrin:

Growth/Yield/Genetics 10/10

This thing was a beast and a hell of a plant to grow. Just like any Dina Fem gear its going to grow like, well, a weed. Plant was tested in my own organic soil with some amendments made to it. It was assisted in late flower with tiger bloom from fox farm. I also used Cal/Mag from GH as i run LED in a 3×3 and there are 200 3 watt diodes, they are the platinum P300 models. Also a little mammothP to assist in flower.

This auto was also topped and mainlined out to expose the entire plant as best that i could. 24 hrs after the top, the plant showed a tremendous shift in the growth pattern. Each time she was bound out and down, her top was pointed back up within hours. So they can take a top. She was also transplanted up into the 2..5 gal container. This took place once the plant showed sex and was gently moved into a larger container.

Yield was right around 300 g wet. Once it cured out and i was able to weight it. It came out to 82 grams and that was after the longer test stems were removed to eliminate any access moisture in the jars. So the roughly 75% loss holds true within a gram or two.

Over all report….

This has to be hands down one of the best that i have grown from dinafem. I have grown their photos and the autos and they always deliver. The buds on this plant were the hardest that i have ever grown. They held true to that even after the drying and curing. The smell and the resin coverage were up to par with a white widow photo and id but this strain against any photo version any day.

Bravo @Dinafem-Mark thanks for getting kit out there like this.

Final cured buds..

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