Mephisto Illuminautos drop #3 information: 30 June-4th July 2017

Mephisto Illuminautos drop #3 information:

Hey all,

Took a little time to figure out the promo and strain menu,

However, I’m delighted to announce in advance our 3rd illuminautos drop which will take place between June 30th and July 4th.

And here they are –

No. 21 – Sour Crinkle (Grape crinkle x sour crack)

No. 22 – Sour Alien Livers (Sour Livers x Ripley’s OG)

No. 23 – Creme Bubbly (Creme de la chem x Hubbabubbasmelloscope)

No. 24 – Gold Glue (24 Carat x Ggg4)

No. 25 – Sour Orange Livers (Sour Livers x S.O.D.K)

No. 26 – ManBearAlienPig (3 Bears OG x Ripley’s OG)

No. 27 – Livers ‘n’ cheese (Auto livers x Northern cheese haze)

No. 28 – Grape walker kush (Grape Crinkle x Skywalker)

No. 29 – BlueToof (Blue Cush x Toof Decay)

No. 30 – BubblyLivers (Auto Livers x Hubbabubbasmelloscope)

Further info:

Previous illuminautos drops were crazy low quantities, for this drop we’ve upped the batch sizes a little to cater for the surprising popularity of these drops.

We’ve been super hard at it at the farm on the grind over autumn, winter and spring, and outside developing and reproducing our main catalogue these are some nice nice combinations we’ve come up with for this upcoming round of illuminautos.

All strains are F1 hybrid feminised autos, most are untested apart from germination tests to ensure viability.

We want to use the illuminautos as a test bed to then see which strains people have the most love for after the drop, and the very best one or two favourites we will put in line to create more at a later date and make a full limited edition out of them to add to the catalogue . Which would be nice for people that miss the illuminautos drop or those that want to grow again something they found here and loved.

Please note: this drop is only for illuminautos strains #21 through #30.

(Strains #1#20 will NOT be available.)

Freebies – unless specified, will be a lucky dip of either: White Crack, Auto Blues (Purps pheno), Sour Hound x Northern cheese haze, and maybe another few still to be announced. (Please know in advance that we may not be able to fulfill your freebie strain request if you choose one specifically – these are limited too and they will go quickly.)

Prices are the same as the last illuminautos drop – A pack of 5 feminised seeds for €29, a pack of 10 feminised seeds for €49.

– If you buy any 5 of the 10 strains in combination you’ll get 10% off your order total.

– Buy all 10 strains together and you will receive a 25% discount off your order total.

– Spend over €150 and get a free illuminautos t-shirt (new design)

Being a limited drop of limited total seed quantities, packs of each strain will be limited to 3 per customer. Just so everyone can get a fair chance of a taste.

Freebie numbers for the promo are at the usual denominations per order value –

Orders €25+ euros (not inc. postage) = 3 free seeds

Orders €50+ euros (not inc. postage) = 5 free seeds

Orders €75+ euros (not inc. postage) = 7 free seeds

Orders €100+ euros (not inc. postage) = 10 free seeds

Things to bare in mind –


http://Mephisto Genetics

1.) The Promo will run From Friday 30th June 12am GMT to Tuesday 4th July 12am GMT Giving a decent window of time to get your orders in.

2.) Tuesday morning here until – Friday 7th the shop will be closed to any new orders whilst all the promo orders are responded to and sorted out.

3.) Orders will be dealt with on a basis of first placed first contacted, then first paid first processed and shipped.

4.) Please allow 7 working days from payment, for your order to be dispatched. We’re a small team working between two continents to make these promotions happen. All orders are custom made to suit and it does take time to make sure every single order is dealt with, packed and handled correctly. During these promotions we typically have 100’s of orders to work through. So this is a friendly advance warning just to say relax and you’ll get your order as fast as possible and it will be totally worth any waiting time. If a potential total order turnaround time of 2-3 weeks doesn’t suit you, If you’re on a tight time schedule and these are vital to your next run, We would lovingly suggest not to order. Extra staff will be on hand to help our main guys out but still it is always a frenzied time.

5.) Please make sure all your information is correct at time of order, Name and Address to deliver to, Email address. And please add our staff email: [email protected] and [email protected] (for the states) and [email protected] (for any other location) to your safe contacts list so their emails don’t get filtered to your junk mail box. If you make a mistake on the order and realise it, please place a fresh order. Extra emails sent to rectify mistakes made related to these things will only delay your and everyone else’s orders.

6.) All other seed items in the shop will be made un-available during the promotion.

7.) Our Normal shop discount codes will be turned off during the promotion. There will be a code to enter if you’ve bought 5 strains in combination, and a separate code for the all 10 strains bigger discount. These codes are only applicable on orders that meet the deals. If codes are used for orders that don’t qualify, you’ll be asked to re-order.

8.) We hope everything here is spelled out logically and clearly, and if there’s anything you see that’s missing or doesn’t make sense please let us know.

All the above was written with love solely for the purpose of creating a smooth as can be Promo.

Much love Mitch & the MG team x

And p.s we will arrange some competitions for liking/sharing the promo on social media (these will be announced in the next couple of weeks)