Dr. Babnik Reviews Dabstorm 2.0 Contentrate Vaporiser

Dabstorm 2.0 Concentrate vaporizer

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No, but it is currently on sale.
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Dabbing, ofcourse….
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It’s worth every penny! The water in my oil rig destructs my lungs. With Dabstorm 2.0, the cough is just lung expansion. If I smoke on water, it feels like my last day has come. With Dabstorm 2.0, I can enjoy dabbing all day long!

Ceramic bowl.
Works very well with bubble hash, kif, BHO and commercial hash. Commercial hash is not recommended, as the adultetations leaves a hard ash. BHO is completely vaporized.

Negatives About This Product:
The bowl has to be replaced every 2-6 weeks and are priced to £9.99
Did the Product Satisfy Your Needs?:
Very much so!
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Everyone who make or use cannabis concentrates.
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I hope I lasts a long time….but yes.
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Highy recommended!
Message to the Product Manufacturer:
Congrat! This is a great tool!
Spare parts are, however, in the expensive end.
  • The atomiser can be replaced with an e-juice tank.
    The battery mod can deliver 50W.


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