Optic Foliar Review by Waira

Optic Foliar Review by Waira


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Optic Foliar
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not purchased, part of test kit
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about $27 for 250ml of concentrate
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*see above
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Yes, it was part of a test kit sent out by the creator/owner of Optic Foliar
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:greencheck: Transport is the key to the entire line-up, to be used with Watts, Rev, andATAK— (this is more optional, as it’s a fungicide, not nutritional)…*note that Overgrow is their all-in-one ready to use product containing all the above)…
This is the part of the line-up that allows temporary penetration through the surface cuticle layer, allowing nutes, etc. to get carried directly in,… As such, it can be used with other products as well, like micronutrient supplements, Ca-Mg, most anything that’s OK for foliar application- :greenthumb: I even used it to speed a natural systemic (SNS209) into the leaves when the vermins started moving in big time on my outdoor ladies! :chef: :haha: ..how ya like my taste now, bee-yotch! Talking with Dinesh, the fantastic owner/creator, there is interest in assessing Transports ability to effectively help penetrate the natural repellency of pests’ outer coatings of the exoskeleton and defensive materials; this would potentially greatly increase the effectiveness of any pesticide applied, going beyond what a wetting agent alone could do! :amazon:
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Positives About This Product:
>>because of it’s immediate, efficient delivery, whatever you put into solution with it, the recommended dosage should be halved,… savings racking up already!
>> as easy, fuss-free of application as it gets… no worries about lights/Sun, having to cover the bottoms of leaves as well; no need for wetting agents either!
>> comes as a concentrate, like the rest of the component line-up…
Negatives About This Product:
none so far,..
Did the Product Satisfy Your Needs?:
:headbang: :clapper: :thumbsup:— works like magic for me!
..I use it an any type of plant too,.. orchids, house/garden plants,.. it’s food safe rated to boot!
Who Do You Think This Product Is Intended For?:
It’s ease of use, and effectiveness make it great for noob’s and Pro’s alike!… especially for noob’s, or folks unfamiliar with foliar applications; foliar done wrong can be next to useless at the least or a disaster at the worst,.. :hothot::doh:
Would You Purchase This Product Again?:
It’s in stock here permanently!
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:thumbsup: — absolutely, all of them in fact,…
Message to the Product Manufacturer:
:bighug: :pass: Dinesh, it’s all the Real Deal, you have outdone yourself my friend! :bow:
  • before and after pics of a stubbornly persistant Zn/Fe defc…. I had been treating it conventionally with foliar and soil inputs… this managed to help the slightly older leaves recover eventually (about 10 days), but the new growth continued to emerge consistently with symptoms… ironically, this plant was growing faster than her sister, so I figure what I was managing to get in there was being sucked right up by slightly older growth right away, leaving the new tissue shorted… I could not get a leg up! Being immobile nute elements does not help with this either,…



    AWESOME!! Big improvement by day 3 actually, but I didn’t have the camera then,…Even the newest growth is fixed, and it stayed fixed too- :coffee: :hump: :wiz: …Effing-A, I’m telling you, this is crazy fast for an immobile nute element defc. fix! @opticfoliar -Dinesh, you are a Wizard, mate–:clapper: :bow: :clapper:

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