Sweet & Solventless: Chocolate Rosin Bars

Sweet & Solventless:  Chocolate Rosin Bars

Chocolate.  Fresh cannabis rosin.

Great on their own but together they form a power duo to make a sweet, strong, solventless edible!

One of Autoflower Network’s community members, Mañ’O’Green, has offered up his cannabis chocolate rosin recipe for everyone to try!

“Here is the exact recipe/method I use to make my best chocolate bar medications.”

  • Start with 1 gram of rosin depending on the desired strength of the medicine.


  • In a borosilicate graduated beaker (or a similar glass vessel,) combine the 1 gram of rosin with an equal amount of cocoa butter.
  • Decarboxylate the mixture for 27 minutes @ 252°F.

“I do this on the bottom plate of the press just moved out enough to make a small shelf to set the beaker on. This way I can control the heat precisely. It can be done in an oven but it is really hard to get the temperature just right.”

Stir the cocoa butter/rosin mixture a couple of times with a stainless steel tool during the decarboxylation process to ensure even mixing.

At the end of the 27 minutes, remove the mixture from press plate or oven.

  • Begin melting desired type and amount of chocolate.  This can be done in a separate bowl.  While chocolate is melting, add in 2 tsp (teaspoons) of sunflower lecithin (lecithin acts as a binding agent and helps the cannabinoids in the rosin more effectively work in the body.)

“I use one and a half of Lily’s Original Dark Chocolate bars per batch. I buy them at Whole Foods.”

To help prevent scorching, it’s helpful to melt the chocolate bar in a double boiler (stainless steel bowl over boiling water) and stir in thoroughly the decarboxylated rosin.

  • Pour into a chocolate bar mold, then cool and store in the refrigerator.

To serve and for dosing, break into equal size pieces and start with a small amount.

Wait 2 hours to determine if you need to take more or less (edibles can creep up on you, be safe on your dosing!)

“I have high CBD strains and strains that are high THC. I find that if I use just one strain too many times in a row it loses efficacy; so I switch them up.”

No rosin press?  No problem!

Mañ’O’Green has also written a DIY tutorial on building a 6-ton rosin press!

For ready-made rosin presses or to learn how to press, check out our extraction-based vendors and documented journals using their presses for more ideas!

For information on cannabis recipes, tutorials, and product reviews, visit the Autoflower Network forum!  Not a registered forum member yet?  Click here for fast registration!

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