About AFN

Who is the Autoflower Network?

The Autoflower Network educates growers on cultivating the best, most clean cannabis possible while maximizing their effort, money, and time within their legal plant limits, space constraints, environment, geographic, and knowledge.

The Autoflower Network is an global online forum community of nearly 28,000+ registered home and small-scale based growers that are activists and enthusiasts of cannabis, particularly autoflowering cannabis.

Autoflowers are a type of cannabis that is day-neutral, meaning it will flower out automatically based on genetics rather than by reduction of light hours mimicking the seasons.  Autoflowers typically harvest between 70 to 90 days from seed and with modern genetic hybrids and skilled growing are every bit as potent as most similar photoperiod offerings found the medical cannabis industry.  They are versatile, very hardy, and a great option for growers of all kinds to consider as a main crop.

History of the Autoflower Network

The Autoflower Network was founded by a small group of individuals that had originally met in 2008 on other cannabis forums to discuss relatively new autoflowering cannabis.

Autoflowers were still much in their infancy with a negative stigma emphasizing the ruderalis characteristics of short plants and a relatively low THC content.  Because of this, few forums accepted autoflowers as a viable crop and were not willing to dedicate any space to their education and information.

In response to this, in 2011 the Autoflower Network was formed; a dedicated platform serving as the home to autoflowering cannabis; a communal hub of like-minded individuals that could share in information, breeding techniques, and ultimately growing better plants and medicine and to share that knowledge with each other.

The Autoflower Network is a growers community formed by growers and serving growers.  We will continue to push on as the forefront leader in information on autoflowering cannabis to reach and educate the world on the benefits of this great plant!

The Autoflower Network Community Goals

  • A site where we can grow autoflowers and learn more about them!  
  • A site where information can be shared in peace and without distraction!  
  • A site where there is no online flaming, trolling, or bullying!  
  • A site where learning can be fun!
  • A site where we can inquire even as the creators because we’re all always learning, always changing our perspectives hopefully for the better, and ultimately trying to spread good knowledge for a common plant we all share interest and love with!