The Autoflower Network was founded by a small group of individuals that had originally met on two major online cannabis forums around 2008 to discuss the then relatively new autoflowering cannabis on the scene.   The Low Ryder was riding the limelight and the Purple JEM was showing her colors for the first time and the excitement for what this type of cannabis with no dependent light cycle could do!   Autoflowers were still much in their infancy with a negative stigma emphasizing the ruderalis nature of short plants and low THC content.  There were very few forums that even accepted autoflowering cannabis as a viable crop and at the time not many online communities willing to create a dedicated section for them despite an increased demand for research, strain development, documentation of grows, etc.  The amount of misinformation and lack of acceptance based on little available or credible information was overwhelming.

After being denied, refused, and ultimately banned from those forums, in 2011 our founder finally decided to create a dedicated website serving as the home to autoflowering cannabis; a communal hub of like-minded individuals that could share in information, breeding techniques, and ultimately growing better plants and medicine and share that knowledge with impunity.

The idea was simple:

A site where we can grow autoflowers and learn more about them.  A site where information can be shared in peace and without distraction.  A site where there is no online flaming, trolling, or bullying.  A site where learning can be fun!  And a site where we can inquire even as the creators because we’re all always learning, always changing our perspectives hopefully for the better, and ultimately trying to spread good knowledge for a common plant we all share interest and love with.

We’ve since created a network of over 24,000 registered members, over 40,000 created forum discussions and over 1.2 million posted messages to date in Oct 17′.

Autoflowers have gained mainstream commercial attention and dedicated breeding from both indie and larger breeders over the past decade have brought forward autoflowering cannabis that has every bit the potency, vigor, and size of its photoperiod counterparts and in most cases go from seed to harvest in 70-90 days.  Many common photoperiod strains have been breed into autoflowering counterparts to create commercial viability and there is a large appeal for fast budding cannabis.

The Autoflower Network will continue to push on as the forefront leader in information on autoflowering cannabis to reach and educate the world on the benefits of this great plant!