Roots, what we think we know….

February 8, 2017 FullDuplex 2
So riddle me this, what do we really know about the auto’s root system. My theory is its directly related to flower trigger. I have seen this over the years, time and time again. Trauma […]

Bad Germ Rates Got You Down?

January 30, 2017 FullDuplex 0
  Evening members, Tonight I bring you a bit of information on germination. This is something I see debated more on here than the type of lighting that you should use. Lets dive right into […]

The legend of the Tier

December 22, 2016 FullDuplex 3
So many moons ago I introduced a tiered method in growing cannabis. This is something that I want to revisit, and explain a little more in depth about why I did it. In my early […]

The Way of the Fox

December 15, 2016 FullDuplex 2
Fellow growers, I come here today to bring you a little info on a well know fertilizer line that has been around for some time. I have been asked in the past to do this […]