Mephisto Genetics. Toothless Alien Smoke Report

January 19, 2017 mossy 0
High/Effect of Strain: Very stoney light at first then hits you as your not expecting it. Long lasting very pleased with the thc level well above my normal stuff. Duration of Effects: Long lasting creeper Medicinal Value: Very good for a sleeping bud or honestly any time you want a chill pill smoke a bowl of toofless and all is well! […]

The Art of pressing Rosin. Non Solvent Extraction

January 17, 2017 mossy 0
You had a great harvest. You are wanting to try dabbing for the first time or are interested in the Holy Grail of flavor and high from your your cannabis. Concentrates are the next level in your cannabis crusade and this guide will help get you there. We are talking about Rosin, A solventless extraction, bringing full on flavor and cannabinoids to you, without adding chemicals to the process. First, a rundown of some equipment you will need to get you started… […]

Skin Cancer. Part 2

January 6, 2017 mossy 1
Natural treatments to battle skin cancer include turmeric and cur cumin taken orally or topical, topical eggplant (nightshade) poultice with vinegar, blood root and black salves,coconut oil and baking soda, vitamin C and magnesium chloride. These treatments should only be considered if you are unable to obtain a biopsy or you know for sure what you are treating. […]

Happy New Year AFN

January 1, 2017 mossy 0
Happy New Year AFN! The staff at AFN wanted to give a warm thank you to all of you that made 2016 such a success for the Autoflower Network! It was quite the year and […]

Healing Path Genetics

December 23, 2016 mossy 1
Like many other MMJ patents, I first became dependent and then addicted to pharmaceutical pain killers. When I went Cold Turkey from very high daily dosages, I knew that I needed some natural form of pain management. Thus my entry into the world of searching to find the right Medical Strains, to truly help make me somewhat functional. As most if not all of us chronic pain patients know, depression, anxiety, and insomnia can and typically does become a part of our daily lives. My battle with all of the above ailments led me on a seven year fast paced and often challenging struggle to find the most effective strains for my many mental and physical infirmities. My heart is always to share what strains work for me with other medical patients that I am a care- giver for, and all of you reading these lines. […]

Frogster on Ferro. AFN Live Humans

December 17, 2016 mossy 0
A little bit about Ferro…. Ferro is a supplier of custom made plant fertilizers. They offer a great deal of plant nutrients, plant enhancers, pH regulators & bloom boosters, and also cleaners and products for air treatment. Their specialty is Analysis Nutrients – plant nutrients made especially for the individual grower/farmer using their own water source to analyse and make up a personal nutrient. […]

Sweet Seeds Exclusive. 5 brand New Crosses for 2017

December 15, 2016 mossy 0
Tonight on #AFNLIVE @Sweet Seeds Celebrated their 11th Anniversary with #AFN by revealing Exclusive details of the 5 New Sweet Seed Releases for 2017. The 5 new Crosses Are.. Crystal Candy Auto® Sweet Nurse Auto CBD® Sweet Afgani Delicious CBD® […]

Do you want to Play Dirty Santa..?

December 8, 2016 mossy 0
Ok guys I’m taking a page out of one of mentors book here….. @epenguin Here’s the deal. My other comp I allowed the community to pick a winner. This time I’M PICKING THE WINNER…… I’m […]

Best Sunrise Sunset photos from around the World

December 7, 2016 mossy 0
#festivus Best Sunrise/sunset competition Do you have the Best Sunrise or Sunset photos on #afn or #afn social media….?.. Get your photos in now. This is a selection of entries so far.. Here is […]
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